3. Moving in

By SPP Reporter

What is a ‘Move In’ appointment?

You have been allocated Service Family Accommodation! Now it’s time to move in. We’re here to help. As soon as you have been allocated your accommodation and you have signed your Licence to Occupy you can arrange your Move In appointment.

You can do this by:

• Contacting us at www.carillionamey.co.uk

• Calling our Occupancy Service Team at the Helpdesk on Freephone 0800 707 6000.

You can request confirmation of the appointment by text, email or letter. The appointment will take no more than 45 minutes.

Appointment reminders

You can ask to be sent an appointment reminder by text at 0800hrs on the working day prior to any move appointment and a final reminder at 0800hrs on the day of your appointment.

Your Move In appointment

Your Accommodation Officer will meet you at the property. They will already have checked the property and made sure everything is ready for you. They will have with them an electronic tablet which contains your house file, occupancy form, 14 day observation report form and fuel subsidy scheme details (if required).

Your Accommodation Officer will show you around your new home, room by room, following the agreed Move In process. They will demonstrate:

• that all keys and locks are working effectively

• that all light bulbs are fitted and working

• how to operate the windows and show that they readily open and close

• how to operate all taps and that wastes are freeflowing and all WCs flush

• how to operate the settings for your boiler, central heating programme and thermostats and that radiators are fully operational

• how to use the cooker and cooker controls

• how to operate the extractor fans

• how to use the focal point fire (where installed)

• that blinds (where fitted) are operational

• that the medicine cabinet locks.

They will also point out the locations of:

• the hot water immersion switch and thermostat operation (if able to be adjusted by users)

• smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ensuring they are operational

• electricity unit and how to safely isolate and reset trip switches

• mains water stopcock and show that it closes fully and cuts off the water supply

• gas emergency cut off (and its operation) and use of the gas meter key (where applicable).

Your Accommodation Officer will:

• remind you that you must seek permission for DIY and non standard paint or wallpaper decoration

• remind you that you should not enter the loft or use it for storage

• take you on a tour of the outside of the SFA demonstrating that the door bell and any external lights work and that any sheds or garage are clean and empty and that dustbins are clean and empty.

Your Accommodation Officer will give you time to look around on your own, either before or after the conducted tour.

Your new SFAwill have been prepared to the agreed Move In standard. If, during the walk round, a fault is found, but it is not one that prevents you from moving into the property, this will be recorded on the Occupancy Form as a habitable fault. We will arrange for this to be rectified within the next 24 hours.

Move In information

Your Accommodation Officer will provide you with copies of:

• the landlord’s gas safety inspection (form CP12)

• the electrical inspection

• a leaflet on controlling mould and condensation

• the operating instructions for your boiler, heating and domestic hot water and cooker controls

• this guide, if you need another copy

• further local information and guidance, or where to find it

• the 14 Day Observation Report form (see below).

Handing over

The Move In is complete when your Accommodation Officer hands over responsibility for the SFA to you or your proxy.

14 Day Observation Report

Your Accommodation Officer will explain what needs to be recorded on this form, why you need to complete it, and where it needs to be sent. The form is not for reporting maintenance repairs but as a record for future reference. Make sure you include anything you have identified that was not picked up at your Move In, and that you do not wish to be charged for when it comes to your Move Out. This includes stains on carpets, chips in skirting boards and damage to kitchen units, etc. Do not include items that can be repaired, such as a dripping tap. These should be reported to the Helpdesk.

The Move In is recorded on the Occupancy Form, which the Accommodation Officer will complete. It records:

• any habitable faults to be completed within the next 24 hours

• if, for exceptional reasons, the SFA has not met the Move In standard, this will be recorded along with the actions taken to resolve the issue

• all utility meter numbers and meter readings. You will be asked to sign to confirm these. You will be provided with details of the current utility supplier:

• the oil fuel level reading, if your SFA has oil fired central heating and is supplied by an individual oil tank

• if your property qualifies for the Fuel Subsidy Scheme

• the numbers and dates of the Landlord’s Gas Safety Inspections and Electrical Inspection certificates

• your contact details – these will be checked and any changes recorded

• that all furniture items have been delivered and are satisfactory

• an acknowledgement that you have received all relevant documentation

• details of keys and how many have been handed over to you.

You will be asked to sign the Occupancy Form in order to formally agree the standard of the SFA at Move In. Your Accommodation Officer will sign and date the form and give you a printed copy for your records.


Your Accommodation Officer will advise you to mark any mail not addressed to you as ‘return to sender’ and put it back into the postal system.


You need to arrange your own home liability insurance cover – of at least £20,000. The Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP) at www.siiap.org/l2o provides details of insurance providers who can ensure that you have the necessary ‘Licence to Occupy’ SFA cover.

Energy supplier

Your Accommodation Officer will provide you with details of our energy supplier and provide their leaflets as part of your welcome pack. Benefits may include the following:

• simple tariffs and a range of free add-on services

• free energy efficiency advice to help reduce bills

• flexible payment options

• Direct Debit discounts for customers with credit meters

• an option to move to pre-pay meters.

However, you are under no obligation to choose our energy supplier.

Exceptional circumstances – alternative accommodation

Your Accommodation Officer will stay with you until everything is sorted out. In the unlikely event that a fault that we cannot fix occurs, just before or at, Move In, your Accommodation Officer will arrange alternative accommodation. This will either be temporary furnished SFA, providing you with shortterm temporary accommodation, or alternative permanent SFA (if available in the same location).

Should an alternative permanent SFA be the solution, you will have to change your own forwarding address details accordingly.

If a hotel option is used, your Accommodation Officer will accompany you to the hotel, helping to get you settled in and arranging to meet you on a regular basis until your accommodation is ready for Move In. Our Occupancy Services Team will if necessary arrange for your removals company to store your removal items and for them to be re-delivered when the SFA is ready. They can also arrange for any pets to be accommodated should your allocated hotel not allow pets.

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