Safety of Salisbury Plain

By SPP Reporter

Access to Salisbury Plain Training Area (West)

– Are you aware that you and your family may not enter the Range

Danger Area of Salisbury Plain Training Area (West) and the bound ary of which is clearly signposted?

– Is your husband aware that he may only do so when he is on organised training and is entered on the Range Calendar?

– Are you aware that on a number of occasions the roads only are opened to the public, generally on Bank Holiday weekends and during the Easter and Christmas breaks? These dates are advertised in Unit Orders or in the local press.

– If you enter Salisbury Plain Training Area (West) illegally, you are likely to endanger your life and the lives of your family.

Warminster – Range Safety

1. All should be aware of the danger to their lives and to those of their families should they contravene SPTA Standing Orders, in particular by entering the Range Danger Areas.

2. Only authorised Pass Holders and those engaged on official training may enter the shaded area.

3. Permanent Staff at Warminster Garrison taking part in casual (unofficial) training, jogging, dog walking, horse riding, mountain biking etc are NOT permitted to enter the shaded area.

Areas in Bounds

1. Areas X and Y may be used at any time provided that soldiers are not exercising therein

2. Roads and footpaths in X and Y may be used at any time.

3. Approved routes for running and CFTs with distances are shown on a map held in the LWC gymnasium.

4. On Public Holidays the principal roads in SPTA, but not verges and training areas, are open to the public. Dates for access are advertised in the local press and on Unit Orders.

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