5. Everyday Living and Repairs

By SPP Reporter

When you need something repaired
You have three options for reporting repairs in your home:

• Contact us at www.carillionamey.co.uk
• Call the Helpdesk on Freephone 0800 707 6000
• Walk in to your Local Customer Service Centre.

The website and the Helpdesk are available 24 hours a day, all year round.

Your local (as above) Customer Service Centre hours will vary according to their location and the number of Service families they serve. For further details on your local Customer Service Centre opening hours please see our website or call our Helpdesk.

Before you report the fault
Before reporting a fault, please check the Troubleshooting section in the online guide to see if you can resolve the problem yourself. If the suggestions there don't help you fix the problem, please contact us to report the fault.

Requesting a repair
We will work with you to identify the specific details of the fault. To ensure the repair can be completed efficiently, you will need to tell our advisor:

• your address and contact details
as much information as possible about the problem; using the diagrams in the online guide to assist
• if the fault is with a piece of equipment (such as a boiler or cooker), details of the type and model.

Making an appointment
You will be given a job reference number and you will be sent written notification of your appointment (by post or email as requested). If you need to change the appointment, please contact us via our website or Helpdesk before the appointment date, quote your job reference number and we will arrange a new date and time.

You or a member of your family (who must be over 16 years of age) will need to be at home at the time of the repair appointment. If the repair is on the outside of the property, eg, roofing, fencing works etc., we may not need you to be available. Please ask our advisor about this when making your appointment.

Appointment times
When you report your repair, depending on its nature, you will be offered an appointment date and time.

All day appointment option:
0800 – 1800hrs

Morning appointment options:
0800 – 1200hrs
1000 – 1400hrs (school run option)
1100 – 1500hrs

Afternoon appointment options:
1400 – 1800hrs

Repair priorities
Each reported repair is given a priority according to the nature of the fault.

Emergency (make safe resolution only) – Temporary resolution only – immediate response (within 3 hours), and we will make safe as soon as is reasonably practicable. Our staff will attend immediately, make safe and begin work to minimise or eliminate any risk of injury, damage to the equipment or property and the environment.

After the situation is made safe the repair will be given a Critical, Urgent or Routine category as appropriate.

Critical – we will attend within 3 hours and fix the repair, either temporarily or permanently, within 12 hours. This category applies to repairs that could have a significant impact on your family or property, eg, a blocked main drain, loss of all lighting etc.

Urgent – we will attend and fix the repair within 5 working days. This category applies to repairs that lead to serious discomfort or can lead to damage to property and fittings, eg, blocked toilets, or defective installations (such as part of a cooker).

Routine – we will attend and rectify the problem within 15 working days.

Wind and weatherproof – we will attend within 20 working days and take steps to secure and weatherproof the property. This category applies to repairs that need to be undertaken to ensure the property is secure and wind and weatherproof.

Repair appointment
• Make sure you are in the house for the allotted appointment time, or arrange for someone else to be there who is 16 years or older
• Let us know as soon as you realise you or a trusted friend cannot be available for an appointment so that we can reschedule
• Make sure that when the operative arrives at your property they can easily get to the fault and that to assist them you keep children and pets away.

Our responsibilities
As well as all the normal maintenance responsibilities, we, CarillionAmey, are responsible for:

• replacing lights on landings, high ceilings and fluorescent tubes
• fitting windows with child restrictors. If yours don't have the BS kite safety mark contact us.

What are YOU responsible for?
DIY: make sure that you have written permission from the Occupancy Services Team at the Helpdesk before you start any DIY or nonstandard colour or wallpaper decorating projects.

Locks: if you lose your keys and cannot get into your property, you are responsible for replacing any locks.

Damage: make sure that you repair any damage to your property made by your family or visitors and that you always seek our permission by contacting our Occupancy Management Team at the Helpdesk before starting DIY projects.

Fuses and light bulbs: it's up to you to change fuses and standard light bulbs.

Electrical trip switches: you will need to reset trip switches.

Sink and bath blockages: keep plugholes and outside drain areas clear. If there is a blockage in the sink, carefully pour hot water from the kettle into the plug hole and gently plunge around the plug hole. If it still doesn't clear please contact us.

Electrical appliances: you are responsible for making sure that your own dishwasher, washing machine or other electrical appliances are safely connected and maintained.

Curtains and cords: keep curtain and blind cords short and out of reach of children.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: regularly test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries where possible. Carbon monoxide monitors are often sealed and designed to be replaced when the battery expires. If your monitor is continuously beeping, please contact the Helpdesk as it may need to be serviced or replaced.

Garden chemicals: store them in a safe environment away from children, animals and protected from the outside elements.

Outdoor electrical devices: use safe, in-line RCDs (Residual Current Device) to operate outdoor electrical appliances, such as lawnmowers.

Safety guards: ensure all fires and heaters have a suitable safety guard and never dry clothes over them.

Candles and tea lights: never leave candles or tea lights unattended and use proper holders.

Power sockets: do not overload power sockets with multiple plugs or extension leads.

Smoking: never smoke in bed.

Barbecues: light BBQs on a stable surface away from houses, fences and other potentially flammable materials. Always allow ashes to cool completely before disposal.

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