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Welcome to Wallop Station

By SPP Reporter

Wallop Station, Wallop
Wallop Station, Wallop

Foreword by Colonel AH Willman, Commandant Army Aviation Centre and Station Commander Middle Wallop

Welcome to Middle Wallop, the home of Army Aviation since 1957 and one of the busiest military airfields in the UK. Middle Wallop has a long and proud history. It is where every member of the Army Air Corps completed at least some of their trade training and where we all return to for further development as we progress in our careers.

The Station's largest organisation is the Army Aviation Centre (AACen), consisting of 2 (Training) Regiment AAC delivering ground training, 7 (Training) Regiment AAC delivering flying training and the new Air Manoeuvre Centre of Specialisation teaching tactics. Lodger units include Headquarters Army Air Corps, the Multi-Platform Support Unit, Army Flying Standards branch, 667 Squadron Army Air Corps and a variety of smaller organisations. The Station is commanded from a single headquarters, while 2 Regiment provides all our administrative, logistic and welfare support.

As well as teaching over 1000 students per year the AACen has around 350 military and Civil Service Personnel and over 400 contractors working for 8 companies. The majority of our military families live here at Middle Wallop, alongside others from Army headquarters, the Joint Helicopter Command and other local units. It is important to stress that this community guide is for everyone who lives or works at Middle Wallop. You are all welcome members of the Wallop community, regardless of where your soldier may work.

The aim of the Guide is to provide you with information about the local area and to apprise you of the support that is available to you and your family. It contains a great deal of useful information and advice, but if you should need any further help or assistance please speak to the welfare team who are situated in the Community Centre.

Middle Wallop lies in a beautiful area and the locals are friendly. There are many facilities available to you and we have an excellent support network. Please take full advantage of the opportunities and enjoy your tour here.

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