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By SPP Reporter

The Army Aviation Centre (AACen) is part of the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) and is commanded by a Colonel, the Commandant. Under command of the AACen are 2 (Trg) Regt AAC and 7 (Trg) Regt AAC.

2 (Trg) Regt AAC delivers AAC ground training and logistic and administrative support to Middle Wallop and is part of the Army Recruiting and Training Division (ARTD). The Regiment is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel and consists of 3 Squadrons.

668 (Trg) Sqn AAC delivers AAC Phase 2 & 3 ground training and exercise support to AACen deployments.

676 (Trg) Sqn AAC administers the Phase 2 AAC soldiers and manages their Welfare and Duty of care (WDOC).

HQ Sqn provides the support, logistic and administrative to Middle Wallop.

2 (Trg) Regt AAC also provide administrative support to the Multi Platform Support Unit (MPSU) who provide Aviation Engineering and Logistic support to JHC.

7 (Trg) Regt AAC delivers flying training in support of the JHC. The Regiment is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel and consists of 4 sub units.

Conversion Flight AAC is responsible for delivering Conversion to Type and Refresher training on Gazelle, Bell 212 aircraft and Aviation Crewman training.

673 Sqn AAC delivers Conversion to Type and Refresher training to the UK Attack Helicopter.

7 Flt AAC is a sub unit of 7 Regt AAC consisting of Bell 212 helicopters based in Brunei supporting jungle training.

7 (Trg) Regt AAC also provides the pipeline management function of all students on the Army Pilots Course from after they have been selected to the completion of Conversion to Type training.

In addition to the AACen the following organisations are based at Middle Wallop:

Headquarters Army Air Corps (HQ AAC). HQ AAC is commanded by the Corps Colonel. As such he is responsible for setting the professional standards and developing the ethos and values of the Corps.

AMCoS, the Air Manoeuvre Centre of Specialisationis now located at Middle Wallop. It comprises of the Air Manoeuvre Training Team and Air Manoeuvre Planning Teams that are dedicated to establishing a common Air Manoeuvre understanding across JHC and Formations, delivering suitably qualified and experienced personnel to conduct Aviation Patrol and Mission commands and man the Aviation Task Force HQ.

667 (D&T) Sqn AAC. 667 (D&T) Sqn AAC is the Development and Trials Squadron.

655 Sqn AAC (V). 655 Sqn AAC (V) is a AR Squadron based at Middle Wallop.

Museum of Army Flying (MAF). As a charity, is controlled by a committee of Trustees and managed by a Museum Director. Both Corps Col and Comdt AACen are members of the Board of Trustees.

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