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Postal Arrangements

By SPP Reporter

Main Camp Address:

(No) .......... (Rk) .......... (Name) .........., (Unit) ..........,

Middle Wallop, Stockbridge, Hants SO20 8DY.

Families Quarter Addresses at Middle Wallop General

Name .........., (No) ...... (Street) ..........,

Middle Wallop, Stockbridge, Hants ...... (Post code)

Families Quarter Post Codes

Families Accommodation Post Codes:

The Avenue Odd Numbers SO20 8QA

Even Numbers SO20 8QB

Beech Avenue Odd Numbers SO20 8QP

Even NumbersSO20 8QQ

Birchen Coppice SO20 8RA

Brock Mews SO20 8RB

Chesnut Place SO20 8QT

Chestnut Square SO20 8QZ

Cossaton Rise SO20 8QR

Falaise RoadSO20 8LL

Farriers Lane SO20 8QH

The Fox Cover SO20 8QS

The Furrows Odd Numbers SO20 8QN

Even Numbers SO20 8QL

The Green SO20 8QD

Harvest Way Odd SO20 8QF

Even SO20 8QG

Lower Mead SO20 8QU

Mead Park Square SO20 8QJ

Old Prk Lane SO20 8QJ

Paddock Fields SO20 8QE

Upper Mead Odd SO20 8QW

Even SO20 8QX

Officers Service Families Accommodation Post Codes:

Eagle Croft SO20 8GT

Eagle Dean SO20 8GB

Falaise RoadSO20 8LL Numbers 1 to 21

Falaise Road SO20 8GA Numbers 30 to 37

Forthill Road SO20 8GH

Millers Lane SO20 8GD

Oxenham Meadows SO20 8GR

Pheasants Mead SO20 8GP

Prince of Wales Way SO20 8GS

Saxon Road SO20 8GG

Weavers Lane SO20 8GJ

No reference should be made in the address to MOQ/MSQ or to School of AAvn or Unit, as the inclusion of

such detail will cause the mail to be delivered to the main camp and this will impose a delay.

Nearest Post Offices

The Wallop Village Shop and Post Office, Pound Road, Over Wallop.

Post Boxes at Middle Wallop are situated at the Guardroom and near the Community Centre by the soldiers families quarters. There is also one in Kentsboro Lane near the junction with the A343 main road.

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