Tidworth Emergency Contacts

By SPP Reporter

Life or Death

In accidents involving severe injury, electric shock, drowning or collapse:

Ring Civ: 999 or Mil: 2222

Emergency Ambulance Services

Use of civilian emergency ambulance services is to be made in all cases such as:

a. Road Traffic Accidents. Where injury has occurred to a person or persons, even if such an accident has taken place within a garrison or station area.

b. Urgent Medical Conditions. When medical aid and resuscitation is indicated. To obtain emergency civilian medical aid, telephone 999, giving as much information as possible. This should include in the case of road traffic accidents, the number of people injured, the site of the accident and, if possible, some indication of the severity of the injuries.

Evening Surgeries

On Thursday an evening clinic is held in the GP, principally aimed at helping working wives. Hours are 1700-1820 hrs and bookings can be made in the normal manner.

Dental Advice for Families

In the United Kingdom, Service dependants have to make their own arrangements for dental care. They are entitled to the same benefits under the National Health Service (NHS) as the general population, and need to find a dental surgeon in general practice who participates in the NHS and register for treatment. Alternatively, they may wish to register with a dental surgeon in private practice.

You are strongly urged to register with a dental practitioner during your stay. Once accepted you will be entitled to continuing care, and to receive treatment when you need it. The dentist will discuss any needs with you and, if you have to pay NHS charges, tell you how much each item is likely to cost. You will also, in an emergency, be able to get telephone advice from a dentist outside surgery hours, and treatment will be available if you need it.Irrespective of your place of residence, you may ask any one of these dentists if he/she will accept you and your children as patients.

A list of all such practitioners is below:

Tidworth Dental Centre, Station Rd, Tidworth Tel: 01980 847600

The Dental Surgery, 15 North Street, Pewsey Tel: 01672 63622

Ivy Dene Dental Surgery, Salisbury Rd, Amesbury Tel: 01980 623295

The Little Brittox, Devizes Tel: 01380 722007

Dental Practice, Marlborough Tel: 01672 513845)

Simon Reeve Dental Surgery, 7c High Street, Pewsey Tel: 01672 563767

Wiltshire Dental Helpline Tel: 0845 7581926

Emergency Dental Service

There is an emergency dental service on Sundays and Bank Holidays between 0930-1130 hrs at the Central Health Clinic, Salisbury Tel: 01722 322405

Tidworth Medical Emergencies during Silent Hours

Out of Hours Service for emergency cases during silent hours will be at: Wiltshire Medical Services 01249 456530

The clinic is for Servicemen and women and their dependants who are registered with a GP within the Garrison area.

For those cases whivh have arisen since the close of a working day and which cannot await the resumption of normal clinics, an Emergency Clinic is held as follows:

Weekdays 1630-1830 hrsTel: 01980 602285

If in doubt as to whether condition can or cannot wait until resumption of normal clinics, please contact the duty nurse at the MRS first and he/she will advise.

Emergency House Repairs

Amey Freephone Help Desk (Emergencies & Repairs) 0800 707 6000

Gas Leaks Out of Working Hours 0800 317960

Housing Information Centre (HIC) 0800 169 6322

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