Salisbury and Wilton SFA Areas Medical and Dental Arrangements

By SPP Reporter


On arrival in Salisbury & Wilton families should register with a local GP, and a dentist. Complete lists of doctors can be found at post offices and in the Library. The following practices are close to the quarters areas.


16 Harcourt Terrace 333214 (Appointments Sal 321188)

31 New Street 333548 (Appointments Sal 333161)

61 New Street 334402

82 St Ann Street 322624

Grove House, Wilton Rd 333034


The Health Centre 0844 477 3483

Old Orchard Surgery 01722 744775

Families who are registered with the Wilton Health Centre are requested to ensure they notify the practice when they are about to be posted away from the area.

Mil Out of Hours Service

In order that we keep pace with the standard of NHS services for registered patients and to ensure a safe working environment for our Medical Staff we have teamed up with a local NHS provider to deliver Primary Care during Out of Hours periods. These changes will ensure accurate recording of telephone conversations, access to treatment software and a trained doctor throughout the night.

From 1830-0800 hrs Mon-Fri, throughout the weekends and Public Holidays the Out of Hours service will be handled by South Wiltshire Out of Hours Service.

The service will consist of:

a. An initial call handler for general advice.

b. A Registered Nurse for Triage

c. A General Practitioner (GP) Doctor. The Nurse will refer to the GP if necessary.

d. Local Treatment Centres (LTC). The LTC will have an extensive range of facilities for patient care and can be accessed by appointment or initiation only after consultation with the Nurse or Doctor.

South Wiltshire Out of Hours Service (SWOOHS)

To access the SWOOHS (Mon-Fri 1830-0800 hrs Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 24 hour service).

a. You or your representative should ring SWOOHS direct 0300 111 5717 to speak with an initial call handler. (When asked, your registered Doctor is the Senior Medical Officer of the Medical Practice you are registered with).

b. You will be given telephone advice or be referred to the Doctor.

c. If necessary you will then speak with the Doctor or the Doctor will return your call and will either offer telephone advice, offer a home visit or invite you to the Local Treatment Centre (LTC).

d. Transport to and from the LTC is to under your own arrangements. If you are unable to drive to and from the LTC then local arrangements with neighbours and friends may be employed. Public transport is available along with local Taxi Firms should you wish to use them. If you are unable to access any of the above measures you may be eligible to contact Unit welfare organisations who may be able to assist.

e. The Local Treatment Centre for Bulford, Larkhill, Wilton and Upavon is: Amesbury Health Centre (attached to Library), Smithfield, Amesbury Wiltshire SP4 7AN

Please note that all Service patients are to report to their Medical Centres on the next working day after receiving treatment.

Hospital Emergencies

Salisbury District Hospital, Odstock, Salisbury. Tel: Salisbury 336262


Family Planning Clinic: Salisbury 328595

Child and Family Guidance Clinic: Salisbury 329404

Veterinary Surgeons

Names of veterinary surgeons may be found in the advertisements in this Guide and in the telephone directory.

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