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Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare (RNRMW)

Resilient and Resourceful Naval Personnel,Families and Communities

RNRMW are part of the Naval Service People Support Department which also includes the Recovery Pathway,Naval Service Casualty Cell, TRIM team, Personal Development and Training.

RNRMW seeks to provide a service that is fully accessible by the diverse community we support and inclusive of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race & ethnicity, religion & belief, pregnancy & maternity, age, disability and marital status.

RNRMW provides an accessible and confidential service across the UK and overseas in these key areas - Specialist Welfare; Advice and Support to the Executive and Divisional/Regimental system; A network of Community, Information and Communication.


This is one area where support is a priority. Building relationships with our Bases and Units prior to leaving the UK through briefings, provision of Family Information packs, the administration of Unit Family Newsletters and providing events specific for those that have loved ones deployed. In addition, we can provide personal support as and when required through our Specialist Welfare staff.


Support is provided in a variety of different settings including those Centres and Houses close to RNRM Bases and Units. Community activities range from Parent support groups to social functions. In response to a specific requirement, bespoke events will be organised in the appropriate geographical area. For further information please email


Communities are also available via the Forums on This is an area where youcan communicate with like-minded people in a safe environment.


Information provision both online and through their Information Officers is available as and when required,and can be useful when relocating, when looking for a specific service, or when you have a question that you cannot find the answer to. Information Officers will assist by providing the answer or through signposting or referring to our specialist welfare staff or to another agency. Online information is also available on the intranet, internet, Facebook and Twitter. These communication channels are used to provide accessible information support for those living in the UK and overseas.

Specialist Support

There are times when you may require more specialised services that will give you support during a crisis or personal situation. This is where their Specialist Welfare Staff are invaluable. They offer direct advice, support either practical or emotional, and advocacy on behalf of you as service users directly or in conjunction with other agencies. Their Team includes Social Workers, Case Workers, Family Support Workers, and Community Development Workers. Services available to serving individuals and their families are extensive. These are some of the main areas covered: Relationships problems, Bereavement, Linkage to Charities, Mental/Physical Health, Separation, Care of Children/Special Needs, Pregnancy Complications,

Code of Confidentiality

Everyone within the RNRMW Team is required to followa strict code of confidentiality. Any written personal information gathered complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Everything you discuss with any of their staff is treated in strict confidence and will not be communicated outside of the organisation without your consent, unless, it is under the following circumstances:

• Where there is a risk of harm to the individual orothers

• In order to prevent a serious criminal act

• If there is serious contravention of military law

• If there is, or is likely to be, a serious breach of national security

• If the individual is no longer able to carry out their duties i.e. a Compassionate recommend

Even in these circumstances, wherever possible, we will discuss with you and encourage consent.

Access their services by contacting the RNRMWPortal Team: Tel 023 9272 8777 E-mail navypers-welfare@mod.ukThey will assess your needs and discuss what steps will be taken to provide the support required.

RNRMW Information Officers are available to assist with any information support you require and are contactable via email or for localsupport log onto the Royal Navy Website or visit their Facebook page – RNRMW.

Want to find out more? Then request a copy of the‘Naval Service People Support Handbook’ from their Information Officers.

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