North Luffenham General Information

By SPP Reporter

Access to the Barracks

Vehicle access is through the Edith Weston/North Luffenham Road Main Gate only. (24 hrs). Pedestrian Access via the Community Centre side gate.

Welfare Office

Within St George’s Bks – Community Centre

Tel: 01780 727841.

Post Boxes

These are situated at Edith Weston Post Office, Mendip Road, Windermere Road, and Main Guard Room.

Refuse Collection

Collection Day is Tuesday and occupants are advised to wheel the appropriate bin to the front of the house late Monday evening. For further information contact Rutland County Council, Tel: 01572 722577.

Local Refuse Centre and Bottle Bank

A Council Refuse Tip is located at Morcott. Your local bottle bank paper and cardboard disposal in corner of North Luffenham and Oakham Road.

Families Quarters

There are 170 Other Ranks Families Quarters and 43 Officers Quarters at St George’s Barracks.

Heating Your Home

All quarters in North Luffenham are Gas Central Heating.

Postal Information

Your correct postal address is: Number Rank Name Initials Regt or Unit Mod North Luffenham, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8RL.

For Families Quarters

Mr/ Mrs/ Ms Initials

Name, House Number Street Name

Edith Weston, Oakham, Rutland Post Code.

Post Codes

These can be found on the maps of the Families Quarters on the following pages.

Car Parking Families Quarters

Car Parking in the Families Quarters is restricted as follows: Manton Road FQs, car parking is restricted to the outer side of Windermere Road, Ullswater Avenue, Coniston Road, and Crummock Avenue. In Derwent Avenue car parking is allowed on the left side only, except in the immediate vicinity of the island, where cars may be parked on both sides of the road. Pennine Drive and Severn Crescent, are local authority roads and normal road traffic regulations apply except Mendip & Chiltern Road.

Local Transport

Bus Timetables are available from your HIVE Information Support Officer.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Unit Welfare Office Tel: 01780 727841

Guardroom Tel: 01780 727781.

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