General Information

By SPP Reporter

Visitors to the Station

There is a Visitor/Regular Visitors Information Folder held at the Rogues Lane Gatehouse. Sponsors may provide the personal details of family and friends for inclusion in the Regular Visitor Information Folder. Such action will allow visitors smoother access to the Unit if, upon arrival, they inform the Gatehouse staff that they are on the regular visitors list.

Visitors must still produce a valid form of ID and a temporary pass valid for up to seven days will be issued. Alternatively, if visitors are staying for more than seven days, sponsors should attend the Passes & Permits Office, where a pass will be produced and retained at the Gatehouse for collection upon the arrival of visitors. You cannot update this list by telephone call.

Lost & Found Property

The loss of any personal or public property should be reported to the Main Guardroom. Any found property should be handed in to the Main Guardroom. Any unusual objects, packages or unidentified bags discovered must not be touched but their presence should be reported to the Main Guardroom on Ext 7666.


All personnel, civilian or military, must carry their respective ID/Pass documents whilst within Station bounds and they must produce them to authorized personnel when requested.

Private Vehicles

All private vehicles used, or parked, on the Station, including SFA areas, must be registered at the Passes & Permits Office at the Gatehouse. The Passes and Permits Office, Ext 7622, is open Mon-Fri 0930-1200 and 1330- 1630 hrs; Fri 1330-1530, for issuing both vehicle and personal passes.

Speed Limits

A maximum speed limit of 20 mph applies on all Station roads unless otherwise stated on visible road signs.


All dogs and large pets (excluding cats) are to be registered at Station HQ Office Ext 7253. Pets are to be kept under control at all times and owners are to be mindful of the restrictions on dog walking on the Station, as published in orders.


All private firearms, including shotguns, air weapons and crossbows, are to be registered with Station Headquarters.


All buildings are out of bounds except to those personnel who are duly authorised to have access. This applies equally to technical and domestic buildings, including Messes and Families Quarters.

Refuse Collection

Rubbish is collected on Tuesday mornings. Bins are to be left at the front of the house.

Coin Operated Station Launderette

There is a modern fully automated launderette located on the Station which includes a large ‘duvet’ machine. Opening times are Mon-Sun 0815-2100 hrs. Instructions on how to use the machines are displayed in the launderette, which is located in Bldg 88 between Dalby Block and Tindall Square. Contact for launderette if not open is the Guardroom Ext: 7666.

Private Television Sets

Occupants of Families Quarters and Single Living Accommodation are to hold the appropriate TV licence for any television sets installed in their accommodation. The detector van periodically visits the Station giving no notice of the visit and penalties are severe for those who do not hold current licences.

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