Existing Community Activities

By SPP Reporter

Messy Play Times 1000-1300 hrs. Run by Visions.

Little Yogis No longer running

Poachers Pantry Changed to Station Coffee Morning. Times 0930-1100 hrs

Youth Club Tuesday 1830-2030 hrs. Age 11+. Run by CDW and volunteers.

After School Club Wednesdays, 1530-1700 hrs. Run by CDW in Community Centre (Station).

Support Group for Parents and Carers of Children with Additional Needs

Mondays under 5s 1300-1500 hrs Community Centre over 5s 1500-1700 hrs Community Centre

Cottesmore Military Wives Choir Tuesdays 1900-2100 hrs. Meet in Stn Church.

Community Circuits Tues & Thurs 1800-1900 Over 18’s Run by PTIs – FREE Circuits Camp Gym.

The HUB Mon-Fri 0830-1330 hrs. Everyone Serves Food & Drink,Open to all.

Heroes Mon-Sat 1900-2200 hrs. Junior Ranks Bar, Pool Table. No food.

Rutland Roleurs Sundays Airfield. Over 12’s. Civilian Cycling Club. Free trials to families on site.

Cottesmore Village Magazine Quarterly. Everyone. Locally published and distributed.

Telavera Times Monthly. 2 Royal Anglian. Anglian Soldiers and families.

Health Visitor

The Health Visitor to arrange an appointment contact 01572 772069. Appointments are held in the Station Medical Centre.


Run monthly clinics through BILIMES.

Hegarty & Co Solicitors can offer you guidance on:

Making a Will – Property – Compensation – Employment – Divorce

Family Law – Moving Home – Injunctions – Civil

Litigation – Crime.

Chattertons Solicitors can offer you advice on marital and family law matters. If you require an appointment book through the AWS office Tel: 7606.

Mortgage Advisor

Please call the HIVE on Ext 7733.

Citizens Advice Bureau

The CAB offer free, confidential, independent, impartial advice, representation and education to help resolve your problems.

Rutland Citizens Advice Service Kendrew Barracks

Outreach Service

Wednesday: Welfare Building

230-1330 hrs drop in session

1330-1630 hrs appointments

For further information www.rutlandcab.org.uk

Tel: 01572 723494

Lines open

Mon 1000-1800 hrs, Tues-Fri 1000-1600 hrs.

The Royal British Legion Welfare Workshop

The role of the RBL is to safeguard the welfare and interests of the serving and ex-Service communities and their dependants.

The Legion is a caring force and works closely with the NHS, Citizens Advice Bureau, Social Services and Local Councils. Some nine million people are eligible for support from the Legion, and they receive 30,000 calls for help each year for a wide range of welfare assistance, grants for those in distress, advice on disability pensions and benefits, training advice, family welfare and adventure breaks, and help and advice for the return to Civvy Street.

RBL Workshops

Last Tuesday of the month in the Hub 1000-1400 hrs.

Last Wednesday of month Regimental Restaurant

1000-1400 hrs.

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is located next to the Spar

Open: Tues 0900-1100 hrs, Thurs 0900-1100 hrs.

Cutt-us-more Hairdressers

The Station hairdressers are situated in the Welfare Centre and offer a complete hairdressing service for men and women. Appointments can be made on Ext 7440.

Opening hours are as follows: Mon-Fri 0900-1500 hrs.

Ladies by appointment on Ext 7440.

Station Spar Shop

Cottesmore is served by a self-service Spar shop located on Rogues Lane. Opening hours are Mon-Thur 0700- 2100 hrs, Fri 0700-2000 hrs, Sat 1000-1800 hrs.

Sun 1000-2000 hrs Tel: 01572 812230.

Contact House

The Contact House scheme has been set up to provide comfortable, safe and affordable short-term family accommodation for use by serving personnel. This is a particularly valuable resource for single and separated Service personnel of all ranks. The Contact House offers separated Service men and women the opportunity to have ‘staying’ contact with their children, at a very reasonable cost. Two houses are available booking through Royal Anglian Welfare Ext 7048 and 7 Regt Welfare Ext 7091.

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