Unit Welfare Officers

By SPP Reporter

Unit Welfare Officers (UWOs) are established in all units and normally have an assistant and admin support. Their main role is to assist soldiers and their families with integration into the unit and to provide ongoing personal support and advice on a wide range of welfare and personal issues, including housing and removals. Particular emphasis is placed on support for individuals and their families during periods of separation or deployment. UWOs are also able to signpost soldiers and their families to other areas of welfare support where necessary.

Some UWOs are located in Boudica House, which is in Cottonwood Close on St Michaels Estate. The building is easily accessible and provides the full range of facilities for service personnel and their families to consult their own UWO.

Contact numbers for each Unit Welfare Office is as follows:

Civilian 01206 81 (followed by Ext) Military 94660 (followed by Ext)

2 PARA 6536

3 PARA 6525

7 PARA RHA 6528, 6529

13 Air Asslt Sp Regt RLC 6520, 6521, 6522, 6510

16 Air Asslt Bde HQ & Sig Sqn (216)

5505, 6285

16 Med Regt 5828, 5726

PARA Band 5290

MCTC 6697

Duty UWO staff can be contacted via your Regimental Orderly Officer during silent hours.

UWO staff will endeavour to meet you on Move In of your SFA. All families should book into their Unit Welfare Office on arrival into the Garrison.

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