Scouting in Colchester

By SPP Reporter

Age Groups

Beaver Scouts aged 6-8 yrs

Cub Scouts aged 8- 10 1/2yrs

Scouts aged 10 1/2 -14 yrs

Explorer Scouts aged 14-18 yrs

Scout Network aged 18-25 yrs

There are three types of Scout Troops – Land, Sea and Air and all these are available in Colchester. Whichever you choose they are all within a 10 minute journey or on a bus route.

Welcome to Colchester Estuary District Scouts

If interested, please contact TonyJay, email or 07802 508960. We are always pleased to welcome new young members adult leaders, helpers and skills instructors.

26th Colchester Garrison Sea Scout Group. Beaver Scouts & Cub Scouts – 34th Colchester Scout HQ, Maldon Road; Scouts – 30th Scout HQ, Rayner Road

Group contact: Tony Jay – Tel: 866995 or 793059. Email

Beaver Scouts - Rayner Road, CO2 9AA 18:00-19:00 Fridays

Cub Scouts Shrub End Road, 18:00 - 19:15 Tuesdays

Scouts Rayner Road 1845-2045 Thursdays

Explorers - Shrub End Road 19:30 - 21:30 Tuesdays

Boys and Girls accepted in all sections.

17th Colchester Sea Scout Group. The Arena Sport Centre, Circular Road East.

Group Scout Leader: Paula Deighton – email

Beaver Scouts Mon 1800-1900 hrs

Cub Scouts Thur 1830-2000 hrs

Scouts Wed 1930-2130 hrs


Sailing activities at: The Lane, West Mersea CO5 8NT

1st Colchester Air Scout Group, The Bunting Road, Essex Street.

Group Scout Leader: Matt Lott - 07545 473060

Beaver Scouts Thur 1745-1900 hrs

Cub Scouts Mon 1815-1945 hrs

Cub Scouts Tue 1815-1945 hrs

Scouts Wed 1915-2100 hrs

Explorer Scouts

Enquiries concerning Explorer Scouts (age 14-18 years) should be made to Ben Hart - email

Scout Network

Enquiries concerning Scout Network (age 18-25 years) should be made to Ian Hopkins email

Colchester Scout Band

Contact: Ian Hopkins email

Age range 9 years and upwards and should be active members of the Scout Association. Adult Leaders, Skills Instructors and Helpers welcomed. All instruments supplied.

Meetings Tue 1830-2030 hrs

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