Royal Military Police

By SPP Reporter

The Royal Military Police are the Army’s primary police service who provide support to Servicemen and their families both at home and abroad. Working with Essex Police and the Ministry of Defence Police, the RMP provide a 24-hour response service to the military community. Advice, assistance and information can be obtained through the Military Police Station on 01206 816830/816831.

Remember if you become a victim of crime, you must report the incident immediately. The sooner the better.

Personal Safety

By taking a few simple precautions you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime even further.

Whilst out on foot

• Be alert

• Plan your route

• Inform someone of where you are going

• Safeguard expensive equipment

When driving

• Keep valuable items out of sight

• Keep car doors locked when travelling

In the home

• Ensure all valuable items are property marked

• When going out ensure your home is secure

• Get a friend or neighbour to look after your home when you are away

• Never leave a spare key in a hiding place as thieves know where to look


• Keeping children safe is everybody’s business

• Take note if you see a child alone or in distress

• Always have an up to date photograph of your children that you can hand in to the police if they are lost

• With all children, teach them their address and telephone number, so they can be brought back to you more easily if they get lost

Emergency Telephone Numbers

• 999 emergency number

• 112 for mobile telephones

• 01206 816830/31 Royal Military Police

• 0800 555111 Crime Stoppers

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