Reporting Faults through the CarillionAmey

By SPP Reporter

The Amey Helpdesk telephone number is:

0800 707 6000 (Freephone)

The Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week andprovides a translation line for non English speakers. All faults shouldbe reported to the Helpdesk, to report a fault, you will need to callthe Helpdesk and provide the Agent with the following information:

• Name

• Address

• Telephone number

• Details of defect or problem reported

The Agent is likely to ask you a series of questions to help identifythe problem in more detail. We may also need to inspect the problembefore arranging work and whether there is any immediate action youshould take.

The Helpdesk advisor will then agree an appointment, with you based on the response times below:

• Emergency – attend within three hours and make safe within 24 Hours

• Urgent – Attend and rectify the problem within working five days

• Routine – Attend and rectify the problem within 15 working days

You will be provided with an AM or PM appointment on an agreed datefor all your Response maintenance requests reported to the Helpdesk. Youwill then receive an appointment letter or email depending on yourpreference confirming the details for Urgent and Routine jobs.

Emergency calls are defined as a problem that could haveimmediate consequence for your health, safety and security, or where itis necessary to prevent serious damage to the property. In these circumstances, if a repair is complicated, it will be made safe until a permanent repair can be organised.

Examples of Emergency Call Outs include:

• Total loss of electrical power or light

• Blockage to your only toilet

• Blocked drains (but not gullies blocked by leaves etc.)

• Loss of water supply

• Burst pipes or taps that will not turn off (but not dripping taps)

• Severe roof leaks

• Loss of heating in winter when no other heating is available, especially where children or elderly people are affected

Please be aware that:

• If you call out a contractor to complete an emergency repair, whichis not justified, then you may be charged for the costs involved

• Emergency problems will be made safe within 24 hrs. (Permanent repairs longer)

• If the contractor is unable to obtain reasonable access to emergency and urgent repairs they will be downgraded to routine

Please note: Under extreme circumstances, when thereis a clear and present danger to occupants, you may be instructed tovacate the premises until the danger can be made safe.

SMELL OF GAS or NO GAS? Ring Transco IMMEDIATELY on 0800 111 999.

Ifyou smell Gas or lose your Gas supply TURN OFF THE GAS SUPPLY AT THEMETER and refer to your Occupants Handbook or the Gas page in theTelephone Book for other precautionary measures.

PLEASE NOTE: CarillionAmey will not arrange for work to becarried out on any gas system where there is an invalid gas safetycertificate, except to make a system safe.

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