Army Welfare Service – Contact Houses

By SPP Reporter

Priority in the use of the Contact Houses is as follows:

1. Soldiers living in barracks who wish to exercise contact rights with their children.

2. Families of operational casualties and other SI/VSI personnel.

3. The Contact Houses may also be used by soldiers for the accommodation of their, or their spouse’s close relatives (defined as parents, grandparents, sisters or brothers). Any bookings outside of the above categories must be requested through and authorised by the Welfare Support Officer. In all cases the serving person making the booking will always be responsible for the property, furniture, equipment and behaviour of their guests. Priority 1 and 2 will always take precedence over priority of 3, if need be, bookings for priority 3 will be cancelled to accommodate priorities 1 and 2.

Priority will be as above, all other bookings will be accepted on the ‘first come, first served’ basis. Any serving soldier, or their unit reps, may make bookings.

The cost of hiring the Contact Houses is £30 per night (minimum two nights) . All enquiries and bookings are to be made to:

Army Welfare Service, Community Centre, Fallowfield Road, Colchester CO2 9LL. Tel: 01206 816581 Fax: 01206 816600

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