2. Applying for Service Family Accommodation, furniture and removals

By SPP Reporter

New or changing requirement

If your circumstances are changing, affecting your family accommodation requirements, you will need to apply for Service Family Accommodation (SFA).

For example you may be:

• being assigned, and you have your Assignment Order/date

• getting married

• expecting another child.

If you already live in UK Service Family Accommodation, you should complete the MOD Form e-1132 within 14 days of receiving your assignment order. The Occupancy Services team will be automatically notified once the form has been submitted.

Complete and submit your e-1132 application

If you are entitled/eligible to apply for SFA, you need to complete an application form. All Service Personnel are expected to use the electronic version of 1132 form (e-1132) (using MOD systems only, to protect your information). You will be required to create an account. You can then fill out the online form in stages.

The e-1132 allows you to save your application and go back into it until it’s complete and ready to submit. Personnel deployed on operations or without access to the Defence Intranet can submit a paper MOD Form 1132. For further information please see Joint Service Publication (JSP) 464.

The system calculates entitlement and displays properties

Once your application is submitted – and while you are still online – the e-1132 system will automatically review it, calculate your entitlement and display any available properties that match your entitlement and can be prepared in time for your required date.

Express your preferences

The system will display basic information on the properties for you to view, including a floor plan and photographs if these are available.

You can then review the properties and express a preference for up to three of them. Once you have selected and submitted your preferences, you will receive confirmation of your selections both on screen and by email. You can view the status of your application at anytime when online.

Making an offer

The Occupancy Services Team will review your preferences and make you a formal offer within 15 working days. Please do not chase the offer before day 15.

Please note: that there is no guarantee that you will be offered/allocated the property or properties that you selected. You have 10 working days to accept/reject the offer. If you reject the offer the Occupancy Services Team have a further 15 working days to provide a second offer.

You need to check the offer online – and you can either accept or refuse it. (see guidance below).

Accept the offer

If you accept your offer, you will be able to view a copy of the Licence to Occupy and agree it on screen straight away.

Refusing the offer

Entitlement: If you refuse the offer because it is not to your correct entitlement, the Occupancy Services Team will try and make you a further offer within the original 15 working days.

Personal reasons: If you refuse the offer for personal reasons, the Occupancy Services Team will try and make you a further offer within 15 working days.

Depending on availability, this could be the same property. You are not likely to be granted permission to retain your SFA at your old duty station.

Second Offer Reviews: You are encouraged to accept the 2nd offer. If you have exceptional personal reasons for turning it down, you must complete the 2nd Offer Review form which will accompany all 2nd offers made. The form must be submitted, reviewed and concluded within 14 working days of the 2nd offer being made. You have 4 working days to make an application for a review. For full details of the process please visit www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/housing

Book Move In and Move Out online

You should then book your Move In and if appropriate, your Move Out on the online e-1132 system or contact www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/housing/moving-in/applying-for-sfa

Move In

You will attend the Move In appointment on the day/ time that you set up online. The Accommodation Officer will meet you at the property, show you round and formally hand over the keys and welcome pack.

If you are unable to attend your Move In, you can arrange a Proxy Move In. Only Service personnel or a spouse/civil partner can be nominated as a Proxy. See section 3 of this guide at www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/housing/moving-in for more information about moving in.

Only book your removals date once you have received a confirmed Move In date.

Additional medical needs adaptations

Some families may require certain adaptations to be made to their SFA to accommodate an injured or disabled member of the family.

If you have such a requirement, this should be highlighted in the e-1132 and supported by an Occupational Therapist (OT) report containing specific recommendations for approval. Once any additional medical needs adaptations have been identified, agreed and approved, CarillionAmey will liaise with you to carry out the necessary work with the minimum of inconvenience to your family.

Special schools and exceptional medical needs

For families who require a specific location for a Special school or for exceptional medical reasons, please highlight this in the e-1132 with the necessary supporting paperwork as required in JSP 464.

Applying for furniture

You can live in furnished, part furnished, or unfurnished SFA and Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA) and your accommodation charge will be adjusted accordingly. If you require furniture, you can use the furniture service. You must state this on the SFA Application Form (MOD Form e-1132).

The requested furniture will be delivered to your home in time for your Move In appointment.

The furniture will be clean and in good condition and you will be asked to sign the inventory of items as part of the move in appointment process. You are responsible for the furniture when it is in the property and you will be charged for any missing furniture or damaged items beyond normal wear and tear when you move out of the property.

If you no longer need an item of furniture, or you need to order more furniture, visit www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/housing/moving-out.

These requests are normally only allowed once during your occupancy. For further guidance please visit www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/ housing/moving-in/furniture


If you are moving because your property is uninhabitable, removals will be arranged by CarillionAmey via the appointed provider.

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