Resettlement Advice and Assistance

By SPP Reporter

All personnel leaving the Services, irrespective of length of service are entitled to some form of Resettlement information, advice and guidance whether they be Early Service Leavers (ESL) or being discharged as a normal service leaver (SL). Those who have over 6 years service are also entitled to undertake funded training and have access to a civilian career consultant prior to and a civilian employment consultant after leaving the Services.

The resettlement service within Catterick Garrison is provided by the Individual Education & Resettlement Officers (IEROs) in 3 AEC who conduct the Resettlement Advice Briefing (RAB) and the Regional Resettlement Centre (RRC) which is a Civilian Agency and is located next to Hipswell Lodge.

All entitled Service Leavers (SLs) now receive Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) which is apportioned according to length of service, as well as a resettlement funding grant. The resettlement process starts with the completion of a MOD Form 1173 or a JPA resettlement workflow which is then submitted by the Unit Resettlement Officer or the JPA resettlement process to the IERO in 3 AEC who is responsible for arranging a Resettlement Advice Briefing (RAB). The RAB which is mandatory for All Service Personnel, provides the SL with a comprehensive breakdown of the resettlement scheme including time available, training costs and allowances, guidance on relevant documentation and JPA resettlement workflows as well as an outline of the responsibilities & facilities. Information/documentation on each SL is then processed/forwarded to the RRC. The SL can then access a range of services including the Career Transition Workshop (CTW), the RRC Resources Centre, career consultancy advice and guidance for up to 2 years after discharge and employment consultancy for the rest of their working life.

(The overall system is complex and time consuming and the importance of early notification of the SLs intention to leave from Unit Resettlement Officers to the IERO cannot be over-emphasised, particularly for those who are likely to be medically discharged or returning from an operational tour. It is imperative that the Junior Ranks are allocated sufficient time to make the appropriate contacts and undertake the relevant activities. For those who have completed a full engagement the process should start 2 years before Run-Out-Date.)

Those SLs who do not qualify for training and funding (ie have less that 4 years but less than 6 years service) still have access to the Resettlement Warrant Officer (RWO, the 3 AEC Resettlement Resources and the IEROs if required.

Depending on registration status access is still available to RRC Consultancy, the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) for soldiers and the Officers Association for Officers. The RWO who also has responsibility for supporting Medical Discharge personnel can be contacted on Catterick Military 2770 or 01748 872770.

Any resettlement enquires should, in the first instance, be directed to the Resettlement Clerks who can be contacted on Catterick Military 2538/2681 or 01748 872538/872681.

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