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HIVE information centres support the chain of command and service communities through the provision of up-to-date and relevant information.

The HIVE is an information network available to all members of the Service community. It serves both married and single personnel, together with their families, dependants and civilians employed by the Services.

Worldwide, the HIVE information centres offer an extensive range of information on relocation, local unit and civilian facilities, places of interest, schools and further education, housing, healthcare facilities, employment and training opportunities.

We network worldwide, sourcing national and local information as needed. Information on relocations is one of our key areas of information support and is available either in advance or on arrival at the receiving unit. Information on the ways to communicate with those serving away on operational deployments is also available through our HIVE information centres.

HIVE information support officers are not trained in welfare counselling. We are however able to advise referral to those professional agencies best suited to the individual’s circumstances. All HIVE staff are bound to a code of confidentiality.

We are proud that our service is recognised and valued across the armed forces for its professional approach, initiative and commitment to you, the Service community.

HIVE support for families during deployment

HIVE provides support to deployed personnel and their families through the provision of information about available support, services and communication. Ask your nearest HIVE for the HIVE operational deployment leaflets which give full details of all the support it can give you during deployments. There are also deployment guides available for families of deployed personnel (see above).

Keeping in touch during deployments

What can your HIVE do for you?

• Assist in setting up an ArmyNET or E-bluey account

• Find your nearest fax-bluey machine

• Keep you up to date with local activities and events

Find HIVE centres throughout the United Kingdom as well as on mainland Europe and Brunei or Tel: 01748 872944 Mil: 94731 2944


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