Hambleton & Richmondshire Community Addictions Service (HARCAS)

By SPP Reporter

Do you, or someone you care about, have problems with drug use, alcohol or gambling.

Alcohol and drug use can affect our lives in many different ways. Sometimes it feels easier to carry on drinking or using rather than face up to what is going on.

Talking to somebody who understands these issues may help you begin to take control of your drinking or drug use. HARCAS offers a free and accessible service.

Advice Information and Support. Individual Counselling. Support Groups. Ring 01609 780486 for further information. Email: admin@harcas.co.uk

Learn How To Drink Properly

Responsible drinking in a social context is a well-established and recognised element of the British Army’s culture of group bonding. However alcohol misuse can lead to all sorts of problems, professionally, personally and domestically. The effects of excessive drinking are severe. Not only does it impair judgement, endanger health and degrade performance; it is a major cause of ill discipline. It generates a loss of self-control, which can lead to unacceptable behaviour such as criminal violence, risky sexual activity, misuse of drugs or just acting like a complete pratt! Personnel under the influence of alcohol or suffering from a hangover cannot be relied upon to perform their duties competently. This is why the Army cannot tolerate excessive drinking. Help will be offered to those genuinely willing to reform, but those who persist in excessive drinking and do not respond to rehabilitation will be considered for discharge.

When you drink, do it sensibly. Learn to identify your limit and when you reach it stop. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks to extend your evening, to keep you hydrated and to reduce your alcohol intake. When you wake up next morning you won’t have a hangover, you will be able to function properly and you won’t be on the receiving end of a caution or charge. Don’t forget it takes an hour for your body to process one unit of alcohol, so if you drink eight pints of weak beer (about 3%), that is 16 units, which is 16 hours for your body to get it out of your system. 16 hours in which you will still be drunk or have a hangover and in which you cannot drive. Learn to calculate how many units you are consuming and stick to the government guidelines for men and women. The stronger the drink the more units it has in it. Learn to drink sensibly before you wake up with a hangover that won’t go away.

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