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Catterick Garrison, Catterick
Catterick Garrison, Catterick

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Children's Education in the Catterick Garrison Area


Catterick Garrison and Marne Barracks are very well served by their State schools, provided through North Yorkshire Local Authority (LA). The LA provision of pre-school, primary and secondary schooling is backed up by their comprehensive support services. All of the local LA schools are, as you would expect, very experienced in the particular needs and problems of Service children and they do their utmost to meet these positively.

If you need further advice on any aspect of your child's education, do not hesitate to contact the staff at The HIVE Tel: 01748 872944 mil 94731 2944 or email: who will be happy to assist you further.

General Information

North Yorkshire Local Authority is responsible for providing adequate school provision within the Catterick area. For administrative purposes the Local Authority is broken down into four areas, each of which has its own office. Catterick falls within the Harrogate Area and the address of the Local Office can be found at the end of this section.

Catterick Garrison and Marne Barracks are well served by both primary and secondary schools. In addition the Local Authority also provides comprehensive Children's and Young Peoples Services and caters for children with Special Educational Needs.

Parental Choice

Parents can express a choice of school where they wish their child to be educated.

However, the Local Authority (LA) has named the "normal" school that serves each residential address. The schools designated to serve the Catterick Garrison and Marne Barracks Families accommodation areas are shown later in this section. If you have any doubts as to which is the normal school serving your home address you should contact the Head Teacher of the school in your locality or the Local Education Office Tel: 0845 0349420.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to send your child to a school other than the normal school for your residential address you must apply to the Local Education Office in Harrogate. Such requests are considered only after places have been allocated to children living in the area served by your chosen school; therefore there is no guarantee that your child will be given a place at an alternative school.

If you are refused your first choice of school, you will be sent details of how to appeal against this decision. This should be made by the date given by the Local Education Office. Appeals are considered by an Independent Appeals Committee, which consists of a County Councillor and two independent people.

If you are housed in Darlington and would like education information for that area please contact your local HIVE on Tel: 01748 872944.

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