Welcome from Garrison Commander

By SPP Reporter

Bovington Garrison, Bovington
Bovington Garrison, Bovington

Foreword by Colonel J M Williams, Commander Armour Centre & Bovington Garrison

I am delighted to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bovington Garrison. I hope you will enjoy your time here.

Bovington Garrison is, in my view, one of the best Garrison locations in the UK sitting on the Jurassic Coast. We are well served by excellent primary and secondary schools, and have a good range of amenities in both Wareham and Dorchester. As those already here know, there are enormous opportunities available to anyone posted here – and to their families. All that is required is for you to take advantage of those opportunities and make the most of what is on offer. A community thrives when all within it are engaged and feel part of it. I therefore strongly encourage you to do what you can to contribute to the well-being of the community. The Garrison can only improve if more of us actively engage in making it a better place. Please volunteer to help the various clubs, charities and activities where you can, and of course visit the world class Tank Museum within the Garrison.

This guide is intended to show you what is on offer and what to do if you are unsure of anything. In addition to this Guide a key source of information is the HIVE, which can be found in Bovington, at the junction of Swinton Avenue and King George V Road. The Garrison Welfare Support Team is also available to assist you when you need them and they are located adjacent to the HIVE.

I hope that you find this Guide useful. If you have any suggestions for inclusion in future editions, or to improve the Guide, please pass them to SO3 Firmbase who is located in the PRI Shop on 01929 403496.

Once again, a very warm welcome to Bovington Garrison.

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