Warminster Army Education Centre

By SPP Reporter

10AEC Group – Warminster Army Education Centre provides educational support for the South West, including the Warminster, Bovington, Blandford, and Cotswold Garrisons. The centre is located within Battlesbury Barracks and contains an e-LC, which is available for support with functional skills maths and English and ITQ.’

‘The mission of Warminster AEC is to deliver educational and training support services within the AOR to enhance soldiers’ professional and personal development, in order to improve military capability.

One of the main functions is to provide Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) courses to soldiers on promotion and to offer advice on the current CLM policies. Information can also be sought regarding languages, officers’ education, personal development Army Instructor Capability, and Low Level Language Training.

The Individual Education and Resettlement Officer (IERO) is available by appointment, to provide advice and guidance on all matter concerning resettlement, ELCs and SLCs. The Basic Skills Development Manager is able to advise units and individuals on the current Functional Skills (Maths and English) policy, and to assist in remediation plans from CLM Part 3 or examinations. Advice on dyslexia, specific learning difficulties or areas of concern can also be sought from the BSDM and screening tests can be arranged if required.

The e-LC provides computer-based courses for soldiers, civil servants and MOD contractors, many of which are free. The courses range from improving your skills to gaining qualifications, such as Functional Skills, and ITQ. For more help or advice

Please contact 10 AEC Warminster on 01985 22 3495 or email:


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