Uniformed Groups

By SPP Reporter

Uniformed Groups meet in the area as follows:

Wool Rainbows 5-7 yrs Kids of Wool Hall Wed 1615-1715 hrs

1st Wool Brownies 7-10 yrs KOW Hall, Wool Fri 1730-1900 hrs

2nd Wool Brownies 7-10 yrs KOW Hall, Wool Mon 1730-1900 hrs

1st Wool & Lulworth Guides 10-15 yrs KOW Hall, Wool Wed 1800-2000 hrs

The contact for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides is the District Commissioner Sue Dorman Tel: 01929 463711.

Wool & Bovington Scout Group

Wareham & Isle of Purbeck District, Kids of Wool, Colliers Lane, Wool

Beavers Thurs 1800-1900 hrs

Cubs Tues 1800-1930 hrs

Scouts Fri 1915-2115 hrs

Acting GSL – Sarah Christopher 01929 463711.

Bovington Swimming Club

Details for joining the Swimming Club can be obtained from the gym reception 01929 403604.

Bovington Detachment, C Somme Company, Dorset Army Cadet Force

The ACF Detachment meets in the TA Centre, Allenby Barracks on Monday and Thursday evenings from 1930-2130 hrs.

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation, which is sponsored by the Army and is open to young people between12 (must be in year 8) and 18 years of age. Its purpose is to provide challenging military, adventurous and community activities. As well as being challenging and exciting, training is designed to foster confidence, self reliance and initiative. Cadets are encouraged to develop their personal powers of leadership and ability to work as a member of a team. The training is also designed to be fun.

If you require further information please contact: 01305 263954 Ext 1.

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