Royal Marines Viking Squadron

By SPP Reporter

VIKING Squadron (VS) is a dedicated Royal Marine sub-unit of Commando Logistic Regiment (CLR) based in Chivenor, N Devon. Made up largely of Royal Marines Armoured Support specialists, the Squadron role is to provide Protected Mobility and intimate tactical support to 3 Commando Brigade RM.

Utilising the Bovington Garrison training estate, the Squadron trains Drivers and Commanders to operate the Royal Marines fleet of VIKING All Terrain Vehicle Protected (ATV(P)) in all environments including amphibious, desert, mountainous and cold weather (Arctic). The ATV(P) is a twin-cabbed tracked vehicle which is fully amphibious, air portable and possesses outstanding all terrain ability. The Specialisation is formed into a Squadron of four independent VIKING Troops to support fast moving, lightly armoured expeditionary warfare for the Lead Commando Group. A VIKING Troop consists of 16 VIKING ATV and can be augmented by mortar and fire support sections. In addition to the four deployable Troops the Squadron has its own Trials & Training Wing and a Support Troop with Vehicle Mechanics, Signallers, Stores Accountants and Clerical Staff.

For Lead Commando Group operations, the Lead Commando CO will have two Viking Troops attached to his Unit, which enables him to lift two Rifle Coys under protected mobility. For formation level operations the second manoeuvre Unit will also be allocated two Troops to provide the same capability.

The Squadron is manned with 162 personnel and has Two Troops at five days notice to move and another at 28 days notice to move, 365 days a year.

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