Range Walks

By SPP Reporter


It must be remembered that when the Range walks are open members of the Services who are off-duty and their families have no more right of access to the Ranges than the general public. The following rules must be strictly adhered to:

1. You must only walk on recognised pathways which are marked with yellow posts.

2. You must comply with all instructions given by the range wardens.

3. You must not pick up any objects found on the range.

4. You are not permitted to camp on the range or light fires.

5. You are not allowed to enter any buildings other than Tyneham Church, School, farm area and the public toilets.

6. Please protect wildlife. Do not collect flowers, birds’ eggs, insects or fossils.

Tyneham Village – Worbarrow Bay

This is a must see location for the family, visiting relations or friends to picnic, swim, beachcomb, walk back in time and see an unspoilt landscape and World Heritage coastline.

Simply take the road from East Lulworth up over the hill towards Creech and Kimmeridge; 400 yards after passing Whiteways car park turn sharp right and then follow the tarmac road down the valley towards the sea until you reach Tyneham. You can then walk round the deserted village that was evacuated in December 1943 going into the church and schoolroom to look at the exhibitions portraying life in Tyneham Valley before the war. After this play hide and seek in the empty cottages or surrounding picnic area or take the short walk down the track to the beautiful Worbarrow Bay. Here you can beachcomb, swim or just relax in this peaceful, magnificent part of Purbeck.

There is access for wheelchairs and pushchairs with toilets for the less able near to the car park when you arrive.

Walks from Lulworth Cove

There is a gate from West Lulworth near the Radar Station on Bindon Hill and two other entrances in the Lulworth Cove area known as Little Bindon Gate and Fossil Forest Gate. The beach at Mupe Bay and the Fossil Forest are both open to the public when the Range Walks are open. Allow 1. hours if you are intending to walk to Mupe Bay.

Walks fromTyneham and Whiteways Car Parks

From Tyneham car park from the track south-west to Worbarrow Bay which is open to the public. The path then runs north-west above the bay to Flower’s Barrow, an Iron Age hill-fort. Turn east along the ridge-way towards Whiteways Hill but when you come close to the main road turn south and return to Tyneham. Allow 1½ hours for this walk.

A slightly longer version of the same walk can be made by starting from Whiteways car park and walking 1¾ hours miles westwards until you meet the circuit.

Walks from Kimmeridge

A circular walk can be made from Kimmeridge Gate near the oil well. Follow the coast path up to Tyneham Cap and then turn back along the ridge to the Ridgeway Gate. Here the walker can either turn due south following the range boundary and so back to Kimmeridge Gate or continue along the ridge and return through Kimmeridge Village. You should allow two hours to complete this walk.

Other Walks

For the more adventurous and energetic the walks already described can be combined into longer routes. Please note that some of the routes are narrow and precipitous and care should be taken particularly in the area of Arish Mell and along the top of Gad Cliff where the cliff edge is dangerous.

The Arish Mell foreshore is a danger area and closed to the public. Along Gad Cliff please take special care not to disturb the wildlife which abounds in the area.

Up-to-date information and timings can be obtained by telephone from the Range Control Office (01929 404819 – 24 hour answer-phone).

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