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By SPP Reporter

The area covered by this guide comes under DIO OPS South West Region. Your HIC is located at Warminster and all enquiries, allocation queries, complaints etc should be addressed to them. The address of the HIC is 401/423 Pepper Place, Warminster, Wilts, BA12 0DG. The telephone number is available from your GWO.

Moving In and Out

There is a team of three Housing Officers (HOs located at Bovington who carry out all moves in/ out and Pre-move out advisory visits at Bovington, Lulworth, Blandford, Poole and West Moors. To book an appointment, please call the HIC at Warminster (if you don’t know the number, your GWO will give it to you). When you take over your property you will meet your ASA and one of the three HQs. The ASA deals with Service furniture and the HO deals with all other aspects of the move in.

Living in your Community

Disputes between neighbours can sometimes happen and what may seem quite trivial to one party can be extremely annoying to another. In the first instance you should try to resolve matters amicably yourself – most neighbours will be responsive to your concerns if presented in a reasonable manner. If this approach fails, then seek advice from your local HIC.

There are many ways to raise issues and concerns

within your community and the local Families Consultative Group (FCG) provides one opportunity to meet HASC representatives (if you do not currently have an FCG. You could always start one; HASC will be happy to assist). You can also discuss matters with your GWO who has regular meetings with HASC.

Refuse Collection

Wheelie bins and recycling boxes are provided by the Dorset Waste Partnership and are collected on alternate weeks (Fridays at Bovington, Thursdays at Lulworth).

Contact the helpline on 01929 557279 for further information. The nearest amenities tip is on Westminster Trading Estate, Wareham (this is on the Bere Regis Road 500m NW of Wareham Railway Station [Grid Ref 907891 – 3rd turning on left after station roundabout]). This tip is open seven days a week.

TV Aerials

Some SFA in Bovington and Lulworth (except those in Foxbury and named officers’ houses) are served by a communal aerial system and individuals must not erect their own private aerials. If your TV suffers from an aerial fault in the communal system, ask your neighbours if their TVs are also having problems.

If they are:

Phone the repairs helpline and inform them of the problems and give them as much information as possible including which of your neighbours is also affected.

If no one else is affected:

Ensure that there is definitely not a fault with your TV equipment and then contact the repairs helpline. If you wish to have a satellite TV system installed you must contact your HIC to obtain prior permission for the dish to be mounted.


All non-caged pets are to be registered with DIO Ops Housing through the HIC. Dog owners are also reminded that, on arrival in Bovington/Lulworth or on acquiring a dog, they should register the dog at the Armour Centre or LulworthGuardrooms. The practice of releasing a dog to wander around the SFA areas unattended is forbidden. Any dog found will be impounded and the owner be disciplined. Permission to keep a dog can be withdrawn at any time.

Garages and Parking

If you take over SFA and want a garage, you must apply to the HIC. You will be placed on a garage waiting list for your estate. HIC staff maintains waiting lists. There are car parks and roadside parking in nearly all SFA areas. Vehicles must not be parked on pavements, footpaths or grassed areas.

If you have a caravan, boat trailer, horsebox etc they should be parked in the designated areas. Please contact the guardroom for details.

Traders in SFA Estates

Hawkers, salesmen and general traders who make house calls must be in possession of a current pass that has been issued by the Armour Centre. Incidents of house calls by traders without passes should be reported to the Guardroom.

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