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Garrison Church St George’s

Garrison Church is located in Allenby Barracks Bovington.St George’s

The Padre’s office is next to the Church.

The congregation meets for worship on Sunday at 1100 hrs.

Due to the transient nature of our community, the makeup of the congregation and the style of the services vary. What remains constant is the fact that all are welcome to share in our journey of faith.

Office: 01929 403398

Padre’s Mobile: 07919 415066

Local Churches

Church of England – Wool Parish Church (Holy Rood)

0800 hrs – Holy Communion

(Book of Common Prayer)

1000 hrs – Parish Communion

(1st-4th Sundays Common


All age communion (5th Sunday)

1830 hrs – Evening Service (Form of Worship varies – 5th Sunday only)

Lulworth Parish Church (St Andrews)East

0800 hrs – Holy Communion (2nd Sunday only)

0915 hrs – Holy Communion (4th Sunday only)

(Holy Trinity) Lulworth Parish Church West

1100 hrs – Holy Communion (2nd and 4th Sundays)

1600 hrs – Songs of Praise (1st Sunday)

Evening Prayer (3rd Sunday)

Other Denominations

St Mary’s RC Church – E Lulworth

1830 hrs – Holy Mass (Saturday evenings)

0800 hrs – Holy Mass (Holy Days only)

’s RC Wool St Joseph

1700-1730 hrs – Confessions (Saturdays)

0900 hrs – Holy Mass (Sundays)

1000 hrs – Holy Mass (Holy Days only)

St Edward’s RC Church, Wareham

1100 hrs – Holy Mass (Sundays)

0700 hrs – Holy Mass (Holy Days only)

Methodist Church Wareham

1030 hrs – Morning Service

1830 hrs – Evening Service

Wool Methodist Chapel

1100 hrs – Morning Service

Vineyard Church Purbeck

1030 hrs – Morning Service

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