Your Security

By SPP Reporter

The threat from terrorists and criminals to HM Forces and their families has increased somewhat over the last few months. You need not to be alarmed by this, but we all must be vigilant and be careful in the way we behave.

Report anything suspicious straightaway to the Garrison Security Force (Blandford Guardroom telephone is 01258 482311 or 482222). If you are outside the camp, call the Civilian Police using the 999 service. (West Moors Guardroom 01202 654224).

Blandford Camp quarters are fairly unusual in that they are inside the security fence, the advantage of this is that you live in a fairly safe environment, where access is carefully scrutinised and the area is regularly patrolled by armed guards, dogs and by Military and MoD Police. It also imposes some extra responsibilities on each of us:

• Serving heads of families must clarify any uncertainties they have about security with your unit security officer, the Police Post or the Guard Room.

• All dependants of Service personnel living in Blandford are required to have a personal Blandford Camp identity pass. Heads of families must make the necessary arrangements on arrival with the MGS Pass Officer located near the Guardroom (telephone 01258 482981). All private vehicles, including Motorcycles and caravans must be registered and have vehicle passes. The Pass Officer will help you with this too.

• In emergencies you can call the Reception Centre to assist (telephone numbers are above). They will call emergency services (fire, police or ambulance) for you. If you call 999 yourself, don’t forget to call the Reception Centre Guardroom so that they can help emergency services through the gate and to find your quarter.

• If you are expecting deliveries or visitors you are required to notify the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) Pass Office (Tel: 01258 482402) preferably 24 hours ahead. It is a very busy office so please be patient and recognise that the peak period is a weekday between 0830 and 1000 hrs.

Please remember to tell your delivery or visitor exactly where to find you and have your telephone number.

• Outside Camp, try to be as anonymous as you can; don’t talk to strangers about the Army or Blandford Camp. Use “Mr” or “Mrs” in your dealings with civilians rather than your spouses rank. Your serving spouse receives more information and training as to how to keep safe, so do ask if you are in doubt about what to do.

Security is everybody’s business. We in the Security Force need your help to keep Blandford safe.

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