Housing Information

By SPP Reporter

Out of Bounds Areas

The following locations within camp are out of bounds to non-duty personnel and families:

Foxdown House,The Sewage Farm, Reservoir on Snowdon, the Target Galleries and Stop Butts on all Ranges, Contractor Sites, enclosed plantations with young trees and all fields in which crops are being grown.

For single or unaccompanied soldiers all families quarters areas, unless they have received an invitation to visit and the head of the family is present. For all male personnel, any building compound or garden which may be occupied by a servicewomen.

All soldiers are reminded that the Phase 2 sleeping accommodation is Out of Bounds to all other personnel less those permitted to enter whilst on duty.

Children – Out of Bounds Areas

The areas of the athletics stadium, including the stand,the cricket pitch, pavilion and the all weather hockey pitch are out of bounds to all unaccompanied children.Parents and guardians are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of their children and must advise them to stay away from the above areas.

Caravans in Families Quarters Estates

The parking of caravans on the roads in the communal area of the families quarter estates is forbidden. Owners are responsible for making arrangements for the parking of their caravans within authorised areas via the GSM..

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