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Judo Club, Blandford/Charlton Marshall Contact Gym on 2655 for details.

Uniformed Clubs, Blandford

Charlton Marshall Scout Group
The Scout Group meets at Charlton Marshall Village Hall and is open for boys and girls aged from 5 years 9 months to 14 years old.

Beaver Scouts (5 years 9 months) – Fridays 1730-1845 hrs
Cub Scouts (8-10 years) – Thursdays 1800-1930 hrs
Scout Troop (10-14 years) – Mondays 1800-2000 hrs
For more details contact 01258 482234/01258 45337.

Eagle House Scout Group
Beaver Scouts – Thursdays 1800-1930 hrs
Cub Scouts – Thursdays 1800-1930 hrs
Scout Troop – Weds 1900-2100 hrs
For more details contact Tony Dando on 01258 454864

Guide Groups
The Guide groups also meet in Jubilee Hall as follows:
Rainbow Guides meet on Tuesdays from 1700-1800 hrs ages 5-7 years.
Brownie Guides meet on Tuesdays 1800-1930 hrs ages 7-10 years.
Contact for Rainbows: Heather Stringer: 01258 454864, and contact for Brownies: Tanya Hales 01258 450995.

The camp does not have any Guide Company however there are 2 in Blandford.

Monday night unit. Contact Heather Stringer 01258 454864.

Wednesday night unit. Contact Mary Wright 01258 455799.

All units may have waiting lists. Please contact the Guiders on the above numbers for further information.

Activities Off Camp

Guides, contact Mrs H Stringer 01258 454864.


2340 Blandford Sqn ATC – Contact Ashley Mitchell 01202 593453 mobile: 07835 46576. Email:

Blandford Detachment Dorset Army Cadet Force (Royal Corps of Signals)

Headquarters Dorset ACF 01305 263954 ask for contact details and how to join.

Blandford AFC meetings held in Kingston Close – off Jubilee Way in Blandford.

Blandford Camp Sports Activities

The following sports are available on Blandford Camp. Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cross Country, Fencing, Golf, Hockey, Judo/Martial Arts, Lanyard Trophy, Mountain Biking, Netball, Orienteering, Road Running, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Shooting (clay), Shooting (Service and Target), Shooting (game), Soccer (male and female), Swimming, Sea Angling, Squash, Tennis, Triathlon, Modern Triathlon, Tug of War, Volley Ball, Water Polo and much more.

If you require any information contact the Physical and Recreational Training Centre on Ext 2656.

Blandford Camp Adventure Training

The following activities are available on Blandford Camp. Canoeing, Caving, Sailing (dinghy), Snowboarding/Skiing, Sports Climbing, Sub Aqua, Windsurfing, along with many hobbies and interests ie music club. If you require any information contact the P&RTC on Ext 2656.

Camp – Physical and Recreational Training Centre
The P&RTC is primarily for the training of soldiers but there is a new training facility alongside the P&RTC is a fitness suite open to Serving personnel, dependents and Civil Servants with top of the range running machines, cycle trainers, stepping/rowing machines and a wide variety of resistance muscle building machines. This facility is open between Contact the P&RTC Staff on 2656 for details of membership.

The Blandford Area Youth Centre

The Blandford Area Youth Centre can be found along Milldown Road, Blandford. It is located between the Blandford School and the leisure centre.

The Youth Centre is open Monday evenings between

1900-2130 hrs for year 10 plus, Wednesday evenings

1900-2130 hrs for year 10 plus, Thursday evenings

1845-2100 hrs for year 7s and 8s and Friday evenings

1900-2130 hrs for year 9s. 

The centre provides a wide range of fun informal learning opportunities for young people and outings and activities during the year with an extensive range of activities over the school summer holidays. They also provide regular outreach workers who take to the streets of the town and villages on board the outreach bus making contact with various young people who do not access the centre, providing them with advice, information and support.

For further information about the Blandford Area Youth Centre contact Blandford Area Youth Worker on 01258 455106.

The Pzazz Club

The Pzazz Club is a special needs youth group that meet at the Blandford Youth Centre on alternate Saturday mornings 1000-1230 hrs. For further information about the Pzazz Club please contact Blandford Area Youth Worker on 01258 455106

Blandford Camp Junior Youth Club

The Junior Youth Club supported by the Army Welfare Service is situated in Jubilee Hall, which is behind the Garrison Church and Police Station.

The Club is open every Wednesday as follows:

School Year 1-3 years old. 

School Year 4-6 years old 

For opening times please contact the CDW on Ext 3008 or 07810 773120

Activities range from fun and games to themed structures, which also includes visits from outside organisations, such as the local Policeman, talking on Stranger Danger etc.

Programme information is published along with the monthly newsletter, in the Mercury.

The AWS CDW and volunteers are responsible for the running of this club.

Blandford Rugby Football Club

Blandford Rugby Football Club is a thriving local rugby club which was founded in 1976 originally as a Pub team to cater for the growing demand for the opportunity to play Rugby in the area. Over the years we have become known for the fast and exciting rugby played on the pitch and the warm and friendly atmosphere off the field. The club provides the opportunity for all ages both young and old to participate in playing rugby.

For those who do not wish to play, we offer a range of membership options, and for those who would like to be more actively involved why not join us in a volunteer role.

The Clubhouse is located at 53 East Street, Blandford Forum and the playing pitches are located on the sports pitches of the Blandford School behind the Milldown Primary School which provides a wonderful setting both to play and watch rugby.

The senior section train on Tuesday and Thursday nights between 1900-2100 hrs. Our young players train on Sunday mornings between 1000-1200 hrs. The club has a full fixtures list which is published on our website which ensures fully up to date information is available to all.

As a club we also take part in raising funds for local charities.This can range from rugby games with a difference to growing moustaches or even more ingenious ways to assist those less fortunate. These events are always well supported by club members who throw themselves into each event with great enthusiasm, providing entertainmentfor all.

To find out more about Blandford Rugby Football Club visitour website at

Wildlife Watch Group
Blandford Camp sits on the edge of the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Camp is rich in the flora and fauna associated with the AONB and has three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and six Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI).

All of the Blandford Camp SSSI and SNCI sites have been designated because of their high quality chalk downland status. The sites have never been agriculturally improved and are situated on low nutrient,chalk based soil. As a result, many plants are able to compete for space without any one species becoming dominant. The sites are therefore extremely species rich and some areas have in excess of 40 different plant species per square metre!

Of greatest significance here at Blandford is the dwarfsedge (Carex humilis). The Monkton Down site is home to one of the largest colonies of this plant in Dorset. In late summer, huge numbers of autumn gentian(Gentianella amarella) carpet the upper slopes. The diversity of plant species has lead to a wide variety of insects on the site, notably butterflies. Of these,chalkhill blue (Lysandra coridon) and small blue (Cupidominimus) exist in some of the county’s largest colonies.

Grazing of these sites is a critical management tool. Without regular grazing with cattle or sheep the downland would become choked with scrub and invasive grasses. Please be sure to close any gates after you have passed through.

Do take time to look at the sites and enjoy the countryside, however please treat it with respect –good quality chalk downland is a rarity in Britain’slandscape. Do not pick any wild flowers and ensure that dogs are kept under control at all times.

Private Firearms, Weapons and Offensive Weapons –
Possession and Storage – Blandford Camp
For the purpose of this instruction the term Private Weapons includes firearms held under a Shotgun or Firearms certificate, Air and Gas Powered weapons, replica weapons and all Bows
Personnel living within Married Quarters may keep private weapons within their MQ provided that any security requirements required by law are adhered to. Where this requires the fitting of a Gun Cabinet then authority is to be sought from Defence Estates (Housing) before fitting. This cabinet will be subject to inspection by the Dorset Police.
Appropriate care and security is to be taken of all weapons. Ammunition (inert and live) may be held subject to the requirements of law for the nature of ammunition. Personnel living in Married Quarters may store their personal weapons in the Blandford Camp.

Private Weapons Armoury if wished.
Personnel living in Single Soldier Accommodation are to store private weapons in the Blandford Camp private weapons armoury. Ammunition is to be stored in the Blandford Camp Ammunition storage facility. This includes catapults and slings.

Application for storage of weapons and ammunition may be made to the Garrison Staff Officer, Tel 2420/01258 482420.

Private weapons of any nature may not be used on the Blandford Camp Defence Estate unless under the authority of an approved activity i.e. club.

The possession of weapons considered offensive weapons that include flick-knives, knuckle dusters etc, is strictly forbidden.

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