Foreword by the Head of Establishment Logistic Services West Moors

By SPP Reporter

The General Manager welcomes you to West Moors

This supplement to the Families Guide provides a useful and practical introduction to all the services and amenities available to you.

It also gives essential details of the support you can expect from the local Service and Civilian organisations that are there to support you and your family. Set close to the New Forest and not far from the South Coast, West Moors is in an ideal position for you to take advantage and enjoy a wide choice of leisure facilities. It should not take you long to discover what goes on and to realise that this is an attractive area to live in. This local Guide contains much helpful advice and information, so please read it carefully and keep it handy for day-to-day reference. I also value your views and welcome any ideas or suggestions to improve the guide. Enjoy your stay in West Moors. I encourage you to take maximum advantage of what is on offer to you. I hope that this new environment allows you every opportunity to have a happy and successful tour.

History of the West Moors Site

1938 Occupied by MOD as an Ammunition Depot.

1944 Occupied by the US Army as a Petroleum Depot in support of the Normandy landings.

1946 Handed back to the British Army and used as a PoW camp.

1951 Procured under Compulsory Purchase powers – largely from the Shaftsbury Estate.

1971 West Moors became a Petroleum Depot.

2000 Defence Fuels Group (DFG) was formed and took over ownership of site.

2011 DE&S Logistic Services has now taken over administration of the site with Defence Infrastructure Organisation taking over all assets on site.

The Estate

Whole site = 168 ha. Admin site = 11 ha.

Depot = 132 ha.

Trg Area = 25 ha (now a conservation area).

Two thirds of the site is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Importance (SSSI) which is of national importance and encompass sites of international importance:

Special Protection Areas under the Birds Directive.

Special Area of Conservation under the Habitats Directive.

The central area of the depot is designated as Site of Nature Conservation

Importance (SNCI), which is of local importance.

The Lodger Units at Logistic Service West Moors are as follows:

Defence Petroleum Training Squadron

Elior (Multi Activity Contract)

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service

Debut (RPC)

Dorset Army Cadet Force: West Moors detachment

BIGGS MHE Contractor

Logistic Services Fall Under The Umbrella of Defence Equipment and Support.

1. DE & S are going through their own transformation.

2. Logistic Services West Moors, have been disengaged from DE & S and are undergoing their own transformation.

3. LS(T) milestones:

ITN released – Nov 13

Interim Bid Received – Jan 14

Final Bid Received – Sep 14

Evaluation Completed – Dec 14

Contract Awarded – Mar 15

4. The ITN date has moved to the right by 2 months, but Contract Award date remains as published in the LS(T) Supplier Prospectus.

5. Following Contract Award, there will be a three-year transition period. Transition planning will be one of the key contract evaluation considerations and will need to cover:

Take-on of existing contracts

Transition to new procurement contracts

Introduction of people change plan

Infrastructure and systems in place

Performance and reporting (steady state)

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