Families Quarters West Moors

By SPP Reporter

These are located in two main areas, one adjacent to the Camp which is about one mile from the centre of the village and the second is about three quarters of a mile from the Camp on the same road and a quarter of a mile from the village. The majority of quarters are located in this second group.

Families Quarters – Heating and Hot Water

All families quarters at West Moors are fully centrally heated – including bedrooms. A gas back boiler provides hot water for central heating and for domestic use in the kitchen and bathroom. There is an independent gas fire in the living room. An electric immersion heater provides domestic hot water when the gas back boiler is not in use.


There is a communal television/VHF aerial system for all families quarters.

Sporting and Recreational Activities

Facilities exist within the camp for almost all forms of sporting activities, except swimming and golf which are available in Ferndown, Bournemouth and Poole areas.

Gas Leaks, Repairs, Redecoration, etc

Work required to families quarters should be reported to the MHS as soon as possible. Please help in this way to keep your quarter maintained in a first class condition.

Rubbish and Recycling Collection

Dorset Waste Partnership provides a fortnightly wheeled bin recycling rubbish collection. Food waste is collected weekly.

For further information and to view your collection calendar, please visit www.dorsetforyou.com/recycling-and-rubbish-collections or telephone 01305 221040

Most items that cannot be recycled using the kerbside collection service can be taken to a recycling centre. The nearest recycling centres are at Shaftesbury Lane, Blandford DT11 7EG and Millhams, Kinson, Bournemouth BH11 9LQ. Please ensure that you have proof of your address or entry will be refused. For details of what can be recycled there, opening times and charges, please visit: www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/recycling-centres/household

Pests and Vermin

The control of insect and rodent pests in families quarters is now the responsibility of the occupant. Advice on methods of control, and assistance when appropriate, can be obtained from CarrilionAmey which in turn will seek advice from the Environmental Health Team at Headquarters, Southern District. DE Ops Housing will assist with wasps, bees and rats.


All residents of families quarters are expected to deter vandalism on their estates and in particular to instruct their children to take care of property, amenities, trees and open spaces in which they live and play.

Traders in Families Quarters Areas

It is the Station Commander’s policy in protecting the interests and welfare of Service Families not to permit unsolicited trading or ‘high pressure’ selling from door-to-door.

The only authorised traders for the families quarters areas are milkmen and the mobile fish and chip shop.

Car Taxation and BFG Registration

Car taxation may be transacted at West Moors Post Office located in the Co-op, 145-147 Station Rd, West Moors, BH22 0HT Tel: 01202 875704. Registration of vehicles may be completed at the Department of Transport Vehicle Registration Office, 118 Commercial Road, Bournemouth (near the town centre). Tel: 01202 28531.


Waiting lists for garages in Bond Avenue and Payne Close are kept by the DE Ops Housing.


If you have a dog, or intend to obtain a dog during your tour at West Moors, the permission of the DIO Ops Accm Regional Office, Larkhill will need to be obtained. Permission to keep other kinds of animals and pets will also normally be needed. No pets/dogs are permitted on West Moors Station. There is a ‘no dog’ policy (Blanket Ban) on West Moors site.

Patchwatch/Street Representative

Patchwatch is the military equivalent of the civilian Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Its aim is to prevent and deter crime and anti-social behaviour in barracks and married quarter areas by reporting suspicious activities, unusual occurrences, and, through its meetings, makes suggestions that might assist in crime prevention.

Do not be alarmed, both Blandford Camp and West Moors are quiet, pleasant and law abiding places to live. Nevertheless, we believe that the actions of a Patchwatch scheme can do much to improve the quality of life in the community.

If you would like to join; husband, wife or both, please contact: The Site Manager by letter or phone on extension 3936 or 2424. (Blandford has Street Reps but no Patchwatch).

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