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By SPP Reporter

The Army Welfare Service is the Army’s professional welfare provider; it delivers a comprehensive and confidential welfare service responsive to the needs of individuals and families and the Chain of Command in order to maximize the operational effectiveness of our servicemen and women. The Army Welfare Service’s remit includes Regular Soldiers, their families and communities, the Army Reserve and Reservists and, in certain circumstances, Veterans, other Services and MoD civilians serving overseas.

The Army Welfare Service has four key delivery pillars: Personal Support, Community Support, Information (HIVE) Support and the Joint Service Housing Advice Office.

Welfare support and advice for all Military personnel and their families posted to Bicester Garrison and surrounding areas are provided by the individual Unit Welfare Officers. Professional support from various agencies is also available when required. This is usually arranged by the Unit Welfare Officers.

Contacts details for Unit Welfare Officers

DEMS Training Regiment Welfare office01869 2329002/07795257506

1 RLC Regiment Welfare office01869 256345

Bicester Garrison Support Unit: Welfare office01869 257729/07867143105

241 Sqn, 10 Signal Regiment Welfare office01869 257703/07920481543

The AWS Community Development Worker (CDW)

Your Community Development Worker (CDW), is located in the Families Centre in Alder Drive. They are there to provide the families in Bicester Garrison with all the necessary community activities such as summer playscheme, half term amenities and any other activities that the community wish to see developed. They keep all families aware of what is going on in the Garrison by way of a regular newsletter.

The Community Development Worker is always available for a chat, so pop in to Alder Drive, have a coffee and discuss your ideas. Telephone number is Mil Ext 2135 or Civil 01869 256135.

The Families Centre

The Families Centre is located behind the Garrison Gym, located within the amenities centre Ambrosden. Within this building, you can find the Community Development Worker along with Welfare Officers from other Bicester Garrison units who use the offices on occasions to support soldiers and their families.

Bicester Garrison Contact House

Bicester Garrison has a fully furnished 3 bedroom house located in Ambrosden. The house is available to all personnel. Bookings can be made up to a maximum of 14 nights. (Check Terms & agreement for any updates and changes). For further information or booking enquiries call 01869 257729.

Bicester Youth Services Provision

The HUB is run by Oxfordshire County Council as an Early Intervention HUB. Many groups use the facilities, including Jesters (Youth Coffee Bar), T2 (Youth Club), Courtyard Playgroup, Bicester Volunteer Link, Bicester Friends of the Earth, and Stonham Housing Association, and it is the base for the Community Youth Project worker for the area. (It is rapidly becoming a vibrant focus for youth work and community projects for the town and, as such, provides a discreet and inconspicuous location for our clients to visit.)

RELATE – Marriage Guidance

Relate – formerly known as the Marriage Guidance Council – offers a confidential service to those having difficulties in their marriage or other personal relationships.

A counselling appointment in Oxford or Banbury may be arranged by calling the National call number - 0300 100 1234 A limited number of appointments are also available at the Health Centre, Coker Close, Bicester. These appointments may be made by telephoning Relate’s Oxford number

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