Civilian Doctors

By SPP Reporter

Langford & Ambrosden Garrison Families Medical Centre

The selection of a family doctor is a personal choice. However, the majority of Service families living on the Ambrosden Estate have chosen to register with the above practice. The Garrison Medical Centre has the following doctors:

Dr T W D Anderson
Dr J R Jones
Dr E Van Stigt
Dr J R Jackman
Dr E Hill
Telephone: 01869 245665

Daily Surgery

Ambrosden Surgery
Mondays 1100-1300 hrs
Tuesdays Closed
Wednesdays 1000-1200
Thursdays Closed
Fridays 1100-1300

Langford Surgery
Mondays 0800-1800 hrs
Tuesdays 0800-1800 hrs
Wednesdays 0800-1800 hrs
Thursdays 0800-1800 hrs
Fridays 0800-1800 hrs

Other Clinics:

Baby Immunisation Clinic Langford Tuesdays 1100-1230 hrs

Baby Drop in Clinic at Children's Centre, Ambrosden
Appts booked with midwife Thursday 1300-1400 hrs
Bumbs with babies Thursday 1300-1500 hrs

Ante-Natal/Bookings at Ambrosden/Langford
Monday 1330-1430 hrs
Tuesdays 1000-1600 hrs
Wednesdays 1000-1600 hrs

Appointments for Baby clinics can be made by telephoning the surgery on 01869 245665. Ante Natal bookings should be made by telephoning the Midwife team on 01869 243763.

For those living in Caverfield you may choose to register with a surgery closer to you, other options are:

North Bicester Surgery (1.4km) from Caversfield Bure Park Tel:01869 323600

Victoria House Surgery (1.5km) from Caversfield Tel: 01869 248585.

Child Health Clinic

The Ambrosden Child Health Clinic is held at the Children's Centre Ambrosden every Thursday 1300-1400 hrs for baby weighing and immunisations. There is a Breast feeding Café 1300-1530 hrs. All children up to age of 5 years are welcome. The clinic is for babies and children. If illness is suspected the routine surgery should be attended instead.

Ante-Natal Clinic

Full ante-natal care is available. The Ante-Natal Clinic is run by the GPs together with the district midwife. Hospital antenatal supervision and delivery arrangements are at either the John Radcliffe Hospital or at the Horton General Hospital, Banbury.

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