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Families Quarters

By SPP Reporter

The Housing Officer is responsible for both the Officers and the Soldiers Estates. He is the personal representative of the DIO Ops Housing Area Manager on those Estates, and his duties include the following:-

a. Inspection of families quarters on occupation and vacation.

b. Advising and assisting you with problems. Should he, personally, be unable to provide the answer, he will be able to refer you to the correct authority who will be able to do so.

c. Controlling vandalism and misbehaviour on the Estates.

Accommodation Services

The Accommodation Services Accountant (ASA) is Mr Dennis Williamson, Tidworth ASU 01980 602913 (94342 2913).

Postal Address and Location of Quarters at Army HQ Andover

General: The Postal Address for quarters at Army HQ

Andover is as follows:

(No) ......... (Street) .................................................

Monxton Road, ANDOVER,

Hants Post Code (as given below)

Officers: Located about 200 yards north east of the Main HQ building.

Douglas Road SP11 8HA

Ellington Close SP11 8HD

Portal Close SP11 8HE

Tedder Close SP11 8HQ

Slessor Close SP11 8HH

Trenchard Road SP11 8HB

Salmond Road

Odd Nos SP11 8HF

Even Nos SP11 8HG1.5 mm

Soldiers: Located in the south west of the Camp area.

Pattinson Crescent SP11 8HW

Newall Road SP11 8HP

Monxton Road SP11 8HR

At Gallaghers Mead, near to the

Andover Roundabout

No 38 Gallaghers Mead SP10 3BW

No 61 Gallaghers Mead SP10 3BP

All other Gallaghers Mead quarters SP10 3BS

At Chichester Close SP10 3DN

The Main Camp Postal Code is SP11 8HJ and the nearest Post Office is the Weyhill Road Post Office, Andover.


All families quarters are out of bounds to single or unaccompanied soldiers, unless by invitation of the Licence Holder.

As a general rule families, unless accompanied by their husbands, are not permitted access to any Army HQ Andover office buildings other than the DIO Ops Housing buildings.

Admission to Messes is by invitation only.

The following areas of particular danger are OUT OF BOUNDS at all times, except when specifically noted as shown in next paragraphs:

• The railway line running along the SOUTHERN edge of the Portway boundary.

• The DOE buildings on the site, including water towers and pumping stations.

• Children’s play areas in FQs estates to children over 14 years of age.

Further specific areas may be placed out of bounds from time to time and full details will be published in Unit Routine Orders.

Child Safety

Road Hazards – Cycles. Monxton Road is a particularly dangerous area, many drivers totally ignore the 40 mph speed limit, and all young children should be warned of this danger. In the past young children, whilst cycling in the families quarter areas, have been turning by taking an arc into Monxton Road – this is extremely hazardous.

Toys etc in the roads can be extremely dangerous. Parents are to do all that they can to discourage their children from leaving toys, cycles, pedal cars etc in the roads of the families quarters estates, especially at night.


The current provision of garages at Army HQ Andover families quarter areas is as follows:

Officers – 100% of quarters

Soldiers – 25% of quarters, plus 50% of hardstanding.

MOD Police – Entitlement to garages is restricted to 25% of their authorised maximum scale of quarters. In Army HQ Andover this is 3 garages for those occupying soldiers quarters.

So long as the Soldiers Garage Entitlement is below 100% of quarters, it is a condition of the allocation of a garage that it shall normally be used for the garaging of a vehicle which is the property of the Licensee of a quarter, or a member of his family.

The Soldiers Garage Waiting List is maintained in the DIO Ops Housing office Army HQ Andover. Application forms for a soldiers garage are issued by that office.

Cotswold Families Centre

The Cotswold Families Centre at Corsham in Wiltshire provides temporary transit accommodation for families:

• When joining the Service • Between postings.

• Whilst awaiting quarters • When leaving the Service • On leave

The Centre has 98 quarters surrounding a large grassed play area. The quarters are all single-storey buildings. The quarters vary in size but most of

them contain a sitting room, 2 or 3 bedrooms and a kitchen/dining room. The rooms are small but clean, warm and furnished.

The amenities include a bar, games room, recreation room, TV room, families club, toddlers room, library, hairdressing salon, playgroup and launderette. TV sets may be hired and you can borrow, without charge, cycles, prams, push-chairs and all kinds of outdoor and indoor games and equipment.

The Centre has its own primary school in the grounds as well as a NAAFI and a Medical Centre with a Sister in charge. Accommodation for a week or more may be booked by the Welfare Support Officer, Unit Families Officers and Administrative Officers. Rent and electricity for a husband, wife and two children is about í14 per week. To this should be added money for food as the Centre is self-catering. The staff are very experienced in dealing with matters of movement and welfare; the Centre is a good base for trips to relations and also from which to visit the nearby towns and countryside. At night, a patrolman is on duty and a Duty Officer on call.

The address of the Centre is:

Cotswold Families Centre, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9TU Tel: Hawthorn (01225) 810358

MFO Boxes

MFO boxes are to be returned to the RQMS at Middle Wallop as soon as they are empty. They are to be folded flat and returned with, if possible, the screws used to make them up.

Refuse Collection

Kitchen and Normal Household Waste

This is removed by the local authority, Test Valley Borough Council. The local authority issue plastic bin liners and these should be used by all occupants. The refuse collectors will normally collect these liners from the quarter. Should they, however, take the dustbin to the kerb due to the lack of liner etc, then the occupants are requested to take their bin back to the quarter as soon as possible after the collection has been made.

Complaints about refuse collections are to be made, as soon as possible after the incident, to the ASA (Ext 2519).

Larger items and materials for which the local authority is not responsible can be dumped, under occupants arrangements, in a compound specially provided by Test Valley Borough Council in Scott Close, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover.

Repairs in Families Quarters

Contact CarillionAmey (Emergencies & Repairs) 0800 707 6000.

As a guideline, an emergency repair is genuine under the following conditions:

• Complete failure of water supply.

• Major leak of water supply which cannot be contained and is liable to damage the structure or contents of the quarter.

• Complete failure of drains (failure of one WC, where there is another in the quarter which is serviceable, does NOT constitute an emergency).

• Complete failure of electricity supply.

• Complete failure of gas supply.

• Gas leaks.

• Complete failure of ONLY available source of heating, in the winter months only.

• Structural failure which can be considered to endanger life or limb or to render the building uninhabitable.

Special Note in respect of Electricity and Gas Repairs

Requests for electricity or gas repairs, other than to private property, must be passed through the above channels. Should the request be made direct to the utility company concerned, the settlement of the charges involved will not be accepted and will become entirely the responsibility of the occupant of the quarter.

Gas leaks, out of working hours, may be reported direct to 01264 356565.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are: Camp Area. 20 mph. Families Quarter Areas. 15 mph.

Telephones in Families Quarters

If you wish to have a telephone installed in your quarter, you should apply direct to the Telephone Sales Manager,70-75 High Street, Southampton SO9 1BA (Freephone 150 or (01703) 229966).

The responsibility for the termination of this service, when you come to vacate the quarter, is yours.

Traders in Families Quarters Areas

With the exception of Monxton Road which is public, all roads in the Andover Station barrack area, including the families quarter estates, are MOD owned. Hawkers, salesmen and general traders who enter the families quarter estates should be in possession of an up-todate pass issued by the GSM Andover Station (valid for one year from date of issue). Incidents of unauthorised traders etc should be reported with full details to MOD Police Detachment Andover Station.

Welfare Workers

The Army Welfare Workers are located at 13-14 Connaught Road Worthy Down. They can be contacted on 01962 886989 / 887694.


Taxis are not permitted onto Andover Station.

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