Other Information – applicable to both Medical Centres

By SPP Reporter

Genito Urinary Clinic

Army facilities are available at the Garrison Clinic, The Aldershot Centre for Health, Sexual Health Clinic Level 4 – 0300 300 2016.Patients are advised to phone for an appointment prior to attending.

Maternity Care

The District Midwife provides regular antenatal care. Pregnancy can be confirmed by obtaining a test with thepractice nurse, followed by an appointment with the Doctor, who will explain how the practice provides antenataland post-natal care. A Midwife Clinic runs on Thursday afternoons.


Physiotherapy is available once the Medical staff have referred you.

Results of Investigation

Patients will be notified should an abnormality be found between 1500-1600 hrs Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, however a personal call to the Medical Centre requesting results is acceptable.

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