Dental Facilities

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For Serving Personnel
Defence Dental Services
Evelyn Woods Road, Aldershot GU11 2LS
Tel Mil 94222 2785 or Civ: 01252 347785
This facility is for serving personnel only; telephone the centre for all routine appointments from 0730-1800 hrs Mon-Thurs and 0800-1230hrs Fri. For emergency treatment telephone the centre to listen to the recorded message instructions or contact your Guardroom where you be put in touch with the duty dentist.

Dental Centre Sick Parade

If Military Personnel are suffering from dental pain which has occurred within the last 24 hours they are to parade at the Dental Centre at 0800hrs where arrangements will be made for personnel to be seen within 12 working hours. If Military Personnel experience any dental related trauma during working hours they are to report to the Dental Centre immediately and do not have to wait until the next 0800 hrs report time.

Out of hours Dental Care

If Military Personnel experience any dental pain that cannot wait until the 0800hrs the next working day or if over a weekend or on local leave they are required to contact the on call duty dental team on 07880044075. Be aware you may be required to travel in order to be seen.

For Military Personnel not on local leave that have a dental emergency they must make every attempt to see a Military Dentist at a Defence Dental Services (tri-service dental centre within 50 miles of your place of residence). If this is impractical and despite attempts cannot be seen, personnel are to see a civilian dentist, under NHS arrangements for the relief of dental pain only. Ensure all receipts are kept. Any routine dental treatment will not be refunded.

On return to work personnel must report to the Dental Centre to have the dental work checked and have thereceipts authenticated by the DDS Dental Officer. The funds can then be claimed back via JPA.

Whilst on leave overseas

Military Personnel are to ensure they have the appropriate travel insurance that includes medical and dental cover in the event of a dental emergency. A dental emergency is classed as:‘Service personnel will be classed as a dental emergency if suffering from any facial swelling, an abscess/infection, or requiring relief of dental pain or for treatment of trauma which has occurred within the last 24 hrs. It is to be stressed; it is not for outstanding routine treatment.’

Assignments in/out of units within the Garrison

Any personnel that are posted in or out of the Garrison must also report to the Dental Centre. It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure their dental docs follow them to their new place of work or to Glasgow if SP are leaving the Military. If we are not informed, we will not know to move the documents on (or chase your documents from your previous unit if you are new to the Garrison). If SP are leaving the military the Dental Centre is not obliged to conduct a dental inspection prior to leaving, however it is strongly recommended that about 6 months before the SP leaves that they contact the Dental Centre for an inspection (notifying the staff you are leaving the Military) and therefore if any dental treatment is required we have time to complete it before you leave.

Families Dental Care

Unfortunately regulations do not allow us to treat your family. They are encouraged to register with a local practice. You can choose either NHS (utilise link below to help search for your local NHS dental practice) or apply to join a private dental practice of your choice in your area. Families could also consider BUPA:

If your family is unable to find an NHS practice they can contact Dental Helpline on 01788 539 781 (local rate call in the UK)or go to the following link: for free and impartial advice. It is open between 0900hrs and 1700hrs, Monday to Friday. For family dental emergencies (for pain relief) call NHS 111- Out of hours.

Dental Care
NHS dental care provision varies according to availability. The following helplines can provide information on how to access a NHS dentist in your area.
The Hampshire Dental Helpline can help you find a dentist to provide you with regular NHS dental care.
The service is available from 0900-1700 hrs Monday-Friday. You can contact the Helpline on 0300 7900 280 or visit
The British Dental Health Foundation provides a free, independent and impartial advice service on all aspects of oral health Tel:01788 539 780 or visit

NHS operates a 24 hour dental advice and information helpline
Tel: 111 or visit

Aldershot Dental Practice
165 Victoria Road, Aldershot GU14 7AN Tel: 01252 334616
AJ Pusar
5 Alexandra Terrace, Alexandra Road GU11 3HU Tel: 01252 314820
Aldershot Dental Centre
Wesley Chambers, Queen's Road, Aldershot GU11 3JD Tel: 01252 322266

Clareville Surgery
1 Southampton Street, Farnborough GU14 6AU Tel: 01252 544063
Farnborough Road Dental Practice
204 Farnborough Road, Farnborough GU14 7JL Tel: 01252 543215
ADP Dental Practice
3 Salisbury Road, Farnborough GU14 Tel: 01252 518608

Zebon Copse Dental Practice
23 Frenchmans Creek, Church Crookham GU52 0YE Tel: 01252 812008

Surgery House
Firgrove Road, Yateley GU46 6NH Tel: 01252 873074

Bordon Chalet Hill Dental Practice

28 Chalet Hill, Bordon GU35 0TQTel: 01420 476745


High Street, Bordon GU35 0AXTel: 01420 474355

Moonlight Dental Surgery

School Green, Shinfield RG2 9EHTel: 0118 988 3178

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