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77 Army Education Centre (77AEC) (Aldershot)
77 AEC Group consists of a number of education centres including Aldershot, Bordon and Bicester. In addition to providing educational courses required for promotion to serving soldiers and officers; Educational Training Service (ETS) Officers are on hand to assist with the educational and personal development needs of military personnel within the Aldershot Garrison area. The following services are available:

Military Career Courses

77 AEC run the full range of Command, Leadership & Management (CLM) Part 3 courses. These courses exist at JNCO, SNCO and WO level. They are intended to be ‘in rank’ training and should be completed within 12 months of an individual’s CLM Part 1 course. Courses must be applied for via RCMOs.

77 AEC also run a number of Officer Education courses including JOLP 3 and Military Analysis modules. Individuals should consult the relevant DINs and apply via their chain of command.

English and Maths Support
The Basic Skills Development Manager (BSDM) at 77 AEC (Aldershot) is available to provide advice, assessment and support for maths and English skills at all levels up to GCSE. Classroom based numeracy and literacy courses at levels 1 and 2 are available to those service personnel that require them. Such courses result in nationally recognised qualifications (required for nomination for CLM and promotion).

77 AEC has limited capacity to act as an iGCSE examination centre for those service personnel that are able to carry out independent study. Upon demonstrating suitability, personnel can then sit an iGCSE examination in one of the three subject areas available: Combined Science, Mathematics and English (as a first language). Examinations fees are covered by the MOD but individuals are required to obtain authorisation from their unit and ensure their availability for the exam date.

In addition, specialist assessment and support is available for individuals with dyslexia or second language needs. All courses and support are free of charge.

For further information please contact the BSDM, Tel Mil: 94222 3328 or Civ: 01252 348328

The Electronic Learning Centre (e-LC) is a learning facility that is open to all serving military personnel. The e-LC is located within 77AEC Aldershot and provides individuals with the opportunity to undertake a range of courses including numeracy, literacy and IT skills.

The e-learning delivery style enables individuals to access their coursework at any time where internet access is available. This may be at the e-LC, at home or in the workplace (on non Dii computers). This allows individuals to complete courses work around work and personal commitments.

For information on centre opening time or further information about e-learning, please contact the centre staff on Tel Mil: 94222 3324 or Civ: 01252 348324 or email:

Individual Education and Resettlement Advice
The Individual Education & Resettlement Officer (IERO) is able to provide second line advice and guidance to those who are within 2 years of leaving the service and who are considering their options. Any service person at any stage of their career is welcome to seek advice and guidance with regard to transition and general opportunities.

The IERO can also provide support to those who wish to improve their qualifications as part of their personal or professional development. A service person may wish to improve their knowledge for personal interest, to gain qualifications, to develop new skills and enhance promotion prospects or to help prepare for civilian life.

Funding through the Standard Learning Credit and Enhanced Learning Credit schemes may also be available.

For further information on resettlement please contact your unit resettlement advisor or the IERO clerk on Tel Mil: 94222 3330

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