Abbreviations and Terminology – A list of Who’s Who

By SPP Reporter


CO – Commanding Officer

Responsible for the welfare of all soldiers under their command and their families.

2IC – 2nd in Command

Assists the Commanding Officer

OC – Officer Commanding

Commands a sub unit within the Regiment

RSM – Regimental Sergeant Major

The RSM is the most senior non-commissioned officer in a unit. They will have been a soldier for many years and their knowledge and experience can assist with any issue you may have.

UWO – Unit Welfare Officer

The UWO is on hand to support soldiers and families with any welfare issue that you may have.

RAO – Regimental Administration Officer

The RAO can help with any financial issues you may have such as pay and allowances. The RAO can also be a good point of contact for information on managing finances.


The Padre is the unit or Garrison Chaplain and is on hand to offer spiritual support and prayer whatever your denomination.

RMO – Regimental Medical Officer

This is the unit doctor who is responsible for the healthcare of serving personnel.

WSO – Welfare Support Officer

The Army Welfare Service provides personal support and community support through a network of specialist teams throughout the UK. Teams are managed by Welfare Support Officers or (WSOs).

AWW – Army Welfare Worker

The AWW is part of the AWS and is to trained to support a wide variety of issues.

CDW – Community Development Worker

The CDW is responsible for providing clubs and activities for young people in the Garrison. The CDW will also put together a comprehensive programme of events during school holidays.

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