4. Emergencies

By SPP Reporter

An emergency occurs when:
• you or your family are at risk of injury
• there is potential for significant damage to be caused to the property
• you or your family are at risk of serious inconvenience or hardship.

What actions do you need to take before calling the Helpdesk?

If there is a fire in your home, leave the room straight away and close the door.

Don't attempt to put out the fire yourself, unless you can do so quickly and safely. Tell everyone to leave the property immediately and close all doors to slow the progress of fire and reduce the spread of smoke.

Once everyone is outside and at a safe distance from the building, dial 999, and ask for the fire brigade. Give your name and address and state where the fire is. If your accommodation is behind the wire, please follow local station orders.

Once the emergency services have been informed, call the Helpdesk. They will provide you and your family with advice and support and if necessary find you alternative accommodation.

Water leaks
If there is a major water leak in your home:

• turn off the water supply at the main stopcock (this may be located under the sink in the kitchen, in the bathroom, hall or under the stairs)
• once the main water supply has been switched off, drain the system by turning on all the taps.
• if the leak is affecting the electrical system, turn off the electricity supply at the main fuse box.

Gas leaks
If there is the slightest smell of gas:

• put out any naked flames or cigarettes
• ensure all gas appliances are switched off
• turn off your gas supply at the meter if possible
• open windows and doors to ventilate the property
• do not use any electrical appliances, or switch lights on or off – if they are on, leave them on – and DO NOT use mobile phones whilst inside or outside the property.

If there is a strong smell of gas:

• do not attempt to switch anything on or off
• evacuate everybody from the property immediately
• when outside and away from any smell of gas call the

(UK) National Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999

(Northern Ireland) National Gas Emergency Number 0800 002 001.

Once you have taken all the steps above for either the water or gas leak and are a safe distance away from the smell of any gas, please call the Helpdesk.

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