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By SPP Reporter

Sam G Cooke, Abingdon Station, Abingdon
Sam G Cooke, Abingdon Station, Abingdon

Foreword by Lieutenant Colonel Sam G Cooke

Welcome to the Service Community Official Guide for Abingdon Station and Didcot.

The guide is designed to help sign post all our families to local services and leisure opportunities as well as help new families settle into the area. It is entirely funded by advertising and is your local guide; if things need updating or refreshing please do pass on your local knowledge to the team.

Your family's wellbeing is the Stations number one priority, and we all need to continue to work together in order to keep the strains of Service life to a minimum. Things will continue to improve if we all pull in the same direction, and so your help, thoughts and support are always welcome.

My family live in a quarter here in Abingdon and we are new to the area; so I hope you find this guide as useful as we have. Furthermore, I hope you all enjoy your time in this lovely part of the country, be that a short or long stay.

Lastly, please do let me know where, and how, you think we can improve the support to the most important assets we have; our families. Where there are changes that can be made, we should make them; there is funding out there, we just need the ideas and the enthusiasm to drive them through.

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