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By SPP Reporter

As soon as possible after moving into your quarter it is the responsibility of every family to arrange for their acceptance on the list of one of the local civilian doctors. It is important that this is one of the first things you do upon arrival in your new home. Some of the local doctors are listed below.


Long Furlong Medical Centre, Loyd Close, Boulter Drive, Abingdon Tel: 01235 522379

The Abingdon Surgery, 65 Stert Street, Abingdon Tel: 01235 523126

Malthouse Surgery, The Charter, Abingdon Tel: 08444 773300

Marcham Road Family Health Centre, Marcham Road, Abingdon Tel: 01235 522602


Didcot Health Centre, Britwell Road, Didcot Tel: 01235 512288

Woodlands Medical Centre, Woodland Road, Didcot Tel: 01235 517760

The Oak Tree Health Centre, Tyne Avenue, Didcot Tel: 01235 810099


Church Street Practice, Health Centre, Mabley Way, Wantage Tel: 01235 770245

Newbury Street Practice, Health Centre, Mabley Way Garston Lane, Wantage Tel: 01235 763451

Wantage Health Centre, Garston Lane, Wantage Tel: 01235 774567

Grove Medical Centre, 3 Vale Avenue, Grove Tel: 08444 770140

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