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Dental Treatment for Families

By SPP Reporter

Unfortunately, the Army Dental Service is unable to provide treatment for families in the UK. As you are aware, dental treatment within the NHS is in a state of flux. However, there are dentists in this area who are still providing NHS dental treatment.

Once you are settled in to your quarter, it is important that you register your family with a dentist; to register for a dentist phone NHS Oxfordshire Dental Helpline 01865 337267. Please be aware that dentists are not full-time employees of the National Health Service and do not have to accept all patients for NHS treatment. Ensure when you make your appointment and then again at the first visit that you make it clear that you would like to be accepted as an NHS patient.

NHS dental care is normally free for:
• Children up to their 18th birthday
• Students in full-time education up to their 19th birthday
• Expectant mothers and mothers of babies up to one year old. The dentist will discuss how much your treatment will cost after the initial examination. There is a limit to what you can be asked to pay for NHS treatment.

Emergency Dental Cover

Oxfordshire dentists offer an emergency dental service to all people who need it at weekends and on public holidays. Those not registered with a dentist may be charged privately. Please ring NHS Direct on 0845 4647.
Prevention is better than cure
• Register with a dentist now
• Clean your teeth thoroughly every day
• Avoid sweet and sticky foods in between meals
• Have your teeth checked regularly by your dentist.

For any problems regarding dental treatment, the Health Authority Dental Helpline can be contacted on: 01865 337267.

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